Robert Loggia

Indie Flick Scavenger Killers Attracts Several Surprising Names

When looking over the cast for a little low budget horror flick, you don't usually see the names of Academy Award nominees. That rarely happens. Usually you get cats like Dustin Diamond, etc. Well, the upcoming flick Scavenger Killers inexplicably has them both and then some!

AFM 2012: Sales Art and Casting News for Asif Akbar's Beautiful Evil

Along with the horror comedy Bristled:The Howl Chronicles announced earlier in the week, Fleur De Lis Film Studios has unveiled yet another film on its growing production slate - horror thriller Beautiful Evil - and we have some casting news as well as the film's artwork.

Abortions Bite Back in The Life Zone

Find yourself on the receiving end of an unwanted pregnancy? Thinking about having an abortion? How dare you assume that you can do with your body what you wish! Finally there's a madman ready to stifle that ludicrous conclusion! A right-to-lifer with methods so misguided that the recently departed Jack Kevorkian would call him extreme!