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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Walking Dead Cast & Crew Interviews; Watch the Season 3 Trailer

"The Walking Dead" hit Comic-Con in full force on Friday the 13th, and while everyone was as tight-lipped as ever about the upcoming season, we came away with enough tidbits of info to ensure that we'll be planted firmly in front of our TVs when Season 3 debuts on October 14th.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Make a Date with The Walking Dead Season Three

All right, "Walking Dead" fans! Grab your calendar and a pencil! The Hall H panel for "The Walking Dead" just let out, and with it came the premiere date for the next season. Read on for the latest regarding when you can rejoin the zombie apocalypse.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Take a Video Run Through The Walking Dead Obstacle Course

THR has scored a video tour of "The Walking Dead" obstacle course that has been set up here at the San Diego Comic-Con, so sit back, get your blood pumping and dig on some public face time with the Walkers.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Better Look at The Walking Dead Scene Setup

Earlier we brought you the first look at the scene setup for "The Walking Dead", and now we have the whole enchilada awaiting your perusal. Who wouldn't want to be a slave to Michonne? Still, we're very fond of our bottom jaw.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Walking Dead Invades!

If there's one property at this year's San Diego Comic-Con other than The Hobbit that has an overwhelmingly cool presence, it's "The Walking Dead," and we've got an exclusive look right here for you of the show's insane looking booth! Dig it!

ComiXology Announces The Walking Dead Half-Off Sale July 10–15

So you say you're a big fan of AMC's "The Walking Dead" series but haven't had time yet to read the comics on which it's based? Well, now's your chance as comiXology is offering the first 99 issues at half-price from July 10-15.

The Walking Dead: What to Expect in Season 3, Sneak Peek Video, and a Look at What's Coming to Comic-Con

AMC's "The Walking Dead" Season 3 Preview Weekend is over, and we have a round-up of all the juiciest tidbits revealed on "Talking Dead", some teaser photos of what to expect from the show's San Diego Comic-Con booth, and a kick-ass preview of what's coming this October.

Telltale Plans More Episodes for The Walking Dead Game

Telltale has revealed that the second season of The Walking Dead will follow the conclusion of the first five episodes. This announcement comes right after learning about Activision's FPS game of The Walking Dead. Now fans will get a double helping of undead goodness for their consoles!

Get The Walking Dead Compendium, Volume One Hardcover at San Diego Comic-Con 2012; First Word on Volume Two

Fans of The Walking Dead will have a chance to purchase the hardcover edition of The Walking Dead Compendium, Volume One at the upcoming Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The Walking Dead Releasing Episode 3 In August

Telltale Games has announced that The Walking Dead will see the release of episode 3 towards the middle of August. The next episode in the series entitled Long Road Ahead will takes us one step further into the darkness and give us even more choices to think about.

Details on The Walking Dead #100 Limited Edition Box Set!

We've seen some pretty cool box sets over the years, and the package Skybound has put together for The Walking Dead Issue #100 is up there with the best of them! Read on for the details of this limited edition custom made TWD #100 box set.

Charlie Adlard's Alternative Issue #1 Walking Dead Magazine Cover

Following up on last week's announcement of The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine, we have for you today the alternative Issue #1 cover featuring an exclusive colored zombie scene by The Walking Dead comic artist Charlie Adlard.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Day 3 (July 14) Schedule Now Live

Another day, another schedule for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Next up is Day 3 - Saturday, July 14th - which is just about as chock-full of events for the horror crowd as Friday the 13th!

Another New Way to Get Your Walking Dead Fix

You know, at this point we just have to ask ourselves if there is there ANY medium The Walking Dead isn't involved in? Books, comics, TV show, a talk show based on the TV show, collectibles, t-shirts, video games, and now this.

Walking Dead, The: Episode 2: Starved for Help (Video Game)

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