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New Walking Dead Blu-ray / DVD Clip Takes Us from Comics to Screen

By this time next week "The Walking Dead" will have successfully shambled their way into your home on Blu-ray and DVD and we have yet another clip ready to prepare you for the feast! From the Press Release

AMC Airing Another The Walking Dead Marathon on March 4th

Are you one of the few genre fans on the planet who somehow missed "The Walking Dead" during its ridiculously successful run on AMC last year? Or maybe you just want to relive the magic? In either case be sure to mark your calendar for this Friday, March 4th, as AMC is holding another marathon airing of the series on that day.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of The Walking Dead Season One on Blu-ray or DVD!

The dead are on their way to Blu-ray and DVD and we've got your hot ticket (or should we say cold ticket?) to win a copy on us! That's right, kids! Time to dig your claws into "The Walking Dead" Season One (Blu-ray / DVD review here) and let the feasting begin!

Aim for the Head with a New Walking Dead DVD TV Spot

Got thirty seconds to spare? Of course you do. Especially when said thirty seconds are being utilized to view another TV spot for "The Walking Dead" on Blu-ray and DVD! From the Press Release

The Walking Dead Video Game Now Official

A fan of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead? Then, brother, do we have some really good news for you! For a while now a video game based upon the insane landscape Kirkman cooked up for his rich characters has been talked about, but the official word finally came down today.

The Walking Dead - Two New Blu-ray / DVD Clips For You to Feast Upon!

We're only a couple of weeks away from the official Blu-ray and DVD release of "The Walking Dead", the hit AMC series based upon the Robert Kirkman comic zombie epic of the same name, and to get you primed, we've got two new bits of clipage for ya! From the Press Release

Blu-ray and DVD Trailer Debut: The Walking Dead

We're just about a month away from the Blu-ray and DVD release of the hit AMC series based upon Robert Kirkman's zombie epic, "The Walking Dead", and to get you primed, we have a brand new trailer for you! From the Press Release

Is The Walking Dead Heading to Your Favorite Gaming Console?

What's this? Rumblings of a video game based on the Robert Kirkman comic book and AMC television series The Walking Dead? It's all speculation only at this point, but considering our love of both zombies and gaming (and especially combining the two), we couldn't pass up the opportunity to mention the story and throw out a "hell, yeah!" in case it's true.

First Comic Book-of-the-Month Club Event to Focus on The Walking Dead

This Thursday, January 20, 2011, Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles launches its first Comic Book-of-the-Month Club event, which is focusing entirely on The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. Learn more about the books, the TV series, or just geek-out with a bunch of fellow Walking Dead-Heads. Best of all? It's also online for those of you who don't live near LA!

The Walking Dead Season 2 as Early as July?

We, just like every other fan out there, simply cannot stand the news that we may have to wait until next October to dig our claws into Season Two of the hit AMC original series, "The Walking Dead". Talk about a long time. However ...

Official Blu-ray / DVD Specs Revealed: The Walking Dead

So the Blu-ray and DVD release of the hit AMC series based upon the zombie epic created by Robert Kirkman, "The Walking Dead", will be shambling its way home this March, and we finally have the goods on what to expect! From the Press Release

Inside The Walking Dead Videos: Directing Zombies and A Look Ahead

And the video goods for AMC's "The Walking Dead" keep coming. On tap today we have two inside looks at the series: "Directing Zombies" with Episode Two ("Guts") director Michelle MacLaren and "A Look Ahead" at Season Two with the cast and creators.

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Phil LaMarr (Motion Comic Voice Actor) and a Look at Every Zombie Death!

As we mentioned a few days ago, AMC's "The Walking Dead" may be on a long hiatus until its sophomore season debuts, but the network is still doling out the goods. Today we have a Q&A with voice actor Phil LaMarr, who helped bring The Walking Dead motion comic to life, along with an awesome fan-made video of every zombie death shown during the six-episode Season One.

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Noah Emmerich (Dr. Edwin Jenner)

The short, six-episode first season of "The Walking Dead" may have come to a dramatic close last weekend, but that's not stopping AMC from doling out more goods to fans of the show, and up next we have a Q&A with Noah Emmerich (Dr. Edwin Jenner).