Robert Kirkman

Production of The Walking Dead Season 3 Officially Begins; Q&A with Robert Kirkman

Production of "The Walking Dead" Season 3 officially kicked off today, May 7th, and we bring you a new on-set Q&A with the show's exec producer Robert Kirkman, who discusses Danai Gurira's (Michonne) sword skills and the most impressive set he's ever seen on the show. (Yes, the prison!)

Walking Dead, The: Episode 1: A New Day (Video Game)

Developed and Distributed by Telltale Games Available for Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PlayStation 3 & PC

The Walking Dead Devouring Headlines

Developer Telltale Games' newest release The Walking Dead is already receiving a ton of praise for its intuitive gameplay and great storyline. The most important aspect of the game centers around decision making and selecting choices that may immediately affect the game or even affect the game across multiple episodes in the five-episode long series.

Gear Up for the Zombie Apocalypse with The Walking Dead Launch Trailer

The Walking Dead from Telltale Games is a five-episode game series inspired by the highly popular comic series from Robert Kirkman, and Episode 1 is available now on PlayStation Network, PC and Mac. Check out the official launch trailer!

John Hawkes Talks Passing on Being the Governor of The Walking Dead

There's little doubt in anyone's mind that John Hawkes would have been perfect to play the Governor on AMC's "The Walking Dead." Little doubt in anyone's head but his apparently. Read on to find out why the actor passed on what could have been a banner role.

The Walking Dead Reveals Cover for Issue #100

The Walking Dead has had an amazing run during its undead lifespan. The incredibly popular comic series from Image Comics has spawned novels, an award winning television show on AMC and an upcoming episodic video game.

Release Date Set for New Walking Dead Novel - The Road to Woodbury

Fans of the 2011 novel Rise of the Governor, the backstory of the standout character from The Walking Dead comic series, will be thrilled to know that this October will bring not only Season Three of the show but also a new novel to dig into.

Telltale Games Wants You to be a Zombie in The Walking Dead

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead is a five-episode game based on Robert Kirkman's highly popular comic book series of the same name. The first episode of the game will drop later this month for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac; however...

Meet the Cast of The Walking Dead Video Game

Game developer Telltale Games has long since spilled the beans on the two primary protagonists in its upcoming The Walking Dead game, but now the company has revealed some familiar faces that will show up in addition to Lee and Clementine.

The Walking Dead - In Memory of Season 2's Finale Fatalities

The bloodbath finale of "The Walking Dead" Season 2 is still reverberating through the hallowed hallways of Dread Central. Many rose to the occasion, and quite a few fell. And then fell some more. And then fell some more. And then fell some more...

The Walking Dead - Playing Dead Releases Episode 3 & Discusses Why The Focus Isn't on Rick Grimes

Telltale has released the third episode of their talk-show format developer diary for the game The Walking Dead. In this episode of Playing Dead Robert Kirkman discusses why the game isn't based around Rick Grimes and other fun details for the highly anticipated game!

Get The Walking Dead Issue #19 - Michonne's Introduction - for FREE!

Were you maybe a little confused by the overwhelming excitement that fans of The Walking Dead comics exhibited following the introduction of the Michonne character into the TV series last weekend? Then you'll want to pay close attention to this news...

New Trailer Revealed For The Walking Dead Game

Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman have just announced the release of the official trailer for The Walking Dead game! If you love the comics and the television show, then you will love the video game — we have all the details right here!

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Highest Rated of the Series; Cast Looks Ahead to Season 3 in New Video

If last night's Season 2 finale of "The Walking Dead" didn't silence the naysayers, well, then, we suspect nothing will. It was the highest rated episode in the series' history and brought the gory goods like we haven't seen since Season 1. Now it's time to look ahead in a new cast video.

The Walking Dead Video Game Trailer Brings on the Digital Death

Tired of looking at stills? Need a little motion in your undead-filled ocean? Well then! Have we got a treat for you! Get ready to dig on your first look at Telltale Games' The Walking Dead.