Robert Dunbar

Trailer for Horror Story Anthology Dark Forest Sees the Light

It's pretty hard for a book trailer to grab our attention, but with its cozy yet creepy campsite setting, this one for Uninvited Press' recent release of Dark Forest managed to do so. If stories about the "malignant wilderness" sound intriguing, then read on!

Enter Robert Dunbar's VORTEX: Essays from a Sea of Nightmares

Curious about where some of your favorite horror creatures and stories originated? Then you'll want to read on for details about Robert Dunbar's newly released VORTEX: Essays from a Sea of Nightmares.

Celebrate the Equinox with a Free Download of Martyrs & Monsters

Fall officially begins tomorrow, September 22nd, and what better to observe the equinox than by downloading a free eBook? From now through September 25th, Robert Dunbar's Martyrs & Monsters is available at no cost from Amazon.

Download a Free Copy of Robert Dunbar's Horror Novella Wood

A few months ago we printed an excerpt from author Robert Dunbar's new novella Wood, and if you liked what you read but never got around to getting a copy for yourself, you'll want to pay attention to this latest bit of news.

A Trailer Arrives for Short Story Collection Shadows: Supernatural Tales by Masters of Modern Literature

A few months ago we brought to your attention the short story collection Shadows: Supernatural Tales by Masters of Modern Literature, and to help refresh your memory, Uninvited Books has released a new trailer featuring editor Robert Dunbar reading from his introduction.

Read an Excerpt from Robert Dunbar's Wood

Acclaimed author Robert Dunbar is back with a new novella entitled Wood, which comes with the tagline: Blessed is the creature that knows its purpose. Did someone say "creature"? If your ears perked up, too, read on for an excerpt from the tale.

Two New Short Story Collections to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Since we know a lot of our Dread Central regulars are avid book readers, we're always on the lookout for new stories and anthologies to share with them. Today we have two collections of horror tales that sound like good candidates for a summer reading list: Decayed Etchings and Shadows: Supernatural Tales by Masters of Modern Literature.

Uninvited Books Wants You to Meet Willy

Uninvited Books is a new independent press dedicated to restoring the mantle of visionary artistry, subtle craftsmanship, and psychological sophistication to dark literature; and along those lines they have announced the recent publication of Robert Dunbar's Willy.