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McDowell Talks Halloween 2 & Updated Teaser Poster

It seems that every single day there are new developments coming out concerning Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, and today is no different. The latest dirt involves whether or not Malcolm McDowell will return as Loomis and a look at the new teaser poster.

Hesseman Signs Up for Zombie's Halloween 2

Rob Zombie dropped the news today that Howard Hesseman has signed up with him for his upcoming Halloween 2. Zombie made the revelation through his Myspace blog (the modern man's press release medium), and revealed that Hesseman would be playing one Uncle Meat, owner of Uncle Meat's Java Hole.

Zombie Dishes Lots of Halloween 2 News

With Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 quickly becoming a reality, little bits of news have trickled out here and there such as casting announcements, etc. How about some real details?

Harris & More Back for Zombie's Halloween 2

Arguably one of the best parts about Rob Zombie's Halloween was Danielle Harris. Say what you want about the movie; she hit it out of the park! Thankfully it seems as if Danielle is coming back along with another familiar face from the first film, Daniel Roebuck.

Caveman Joins Halloween 2 Cast

In a strange bit of casting news, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, best known as the lovable Geico Caveman, has joined Tyler Mane and Ezra Buzzington to become part of the cast of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.

Buzzington Signs for Halloween 2

All right, more small news on Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, which for some reason we’re just going to keep telling you about. Most filmmakers would wait till all their cast is in place before making announcements, but where’s the fun in that? Zombie’s fans need to know what’s going on right now, lest they be distracted by something shiny out of the corner of their eye.

H@ sculpt with color...

Could the finished mask look a little like this...? Threw the pic of the sculpt in to photoshop...just for the hell of it...
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Early Sculpt of New Myers Mask

Over on Rob Zombie’s MySpace page, the man has posted the first sculpts from effects man Wayne Toth of the new Michael Myers mask for his Halloween 2, one of which you can see on your right.

Zombie Talks Halloween 2 Location, Start Date

There’s not a shitload of new information in this, the first “official” word from Rob Zombie on Halloween 2, but the recent Fearnet blog posted by Spider, frontman of Powerman 5000 and brother of Mr. Zombie, does have some juicy chunks for those of you chomping at the bit for more.

Zombie Returns to Halloween

For those of you who had maybe partially, out of the corner of your eye, been looking forward to Halloween 2 since the guys behind Inside were being circled to handle it, please return to your regularly scheduled angst; Variety has confirmed th

Rob Zombie Back for Halloween 2?

So the rumor mill keeps on churning concerning Halloween 2, the sequel to Rob Zombie's re-imagining of the once great franchise; and it seems like RZ could be coming back for another round of Myers madness.

Sneak Peek at El Superbeasto

It's been a while since we've heard anything new regarding The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, but today gossip site Defamer of all places boasts of having been provided "a sneak peek at the first footage ever shown of Rob Zombie's upcoming, decidedly R-rated animated film."

One Minute of Video Could Win $4,000 from AMC!

In these harsh economic times people are doing whatever they can for extra cash, and AMC's FearFest just made that pretty damn easy by officially opening the doors for all willing filmmakers to submit their one minute or less video on the subject of your greatest fear!

Specs and Art for Zombie's 3-Disc Halloween

In August of last year Uncle Creepy and myself sat in an empty theatre with our jaws hung open as we experienced Rob Zombie's Halloween (review). We had just been assaulted by the f-word and Loomis' crazy magical car summoning abilities and hoped to never talk about it again.

Tyrannosaurus Rex & the Magical Bus of Death!

Tyrannosaurus Rex may still be a bit mysterious, but I know one thing for sure ... it's gonna have hockey masks and slaughter via a badass bus! Just check out the enclosed picture from Rob Zombie's MySpace page for proof!