Rob Zombie

Young Myers Cast -- Chase Wright Vanek

As you've all heard by now, Daeg Faerch proved to be just a little too old and tall to play the role of young Michael Myers again in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. Since that news broke everyone's been wondering, "Who's gonna fill those very big small shoes?" Wonder no longer.

Michael Myers Vs. Death This August

Ladies and Gentlemen! In this corner standing near seven feet tall, wearing a white mask to disguise his hobo beard ... Michael Myers! And his opponent, fighting out of the netherworld, wearing a black robe and floating on air ... Death! Come this August 28th, the box office battle begins.

Is This the New Michael Myers Mask?

If there's one thing Rob Zombie did right in his remake of Halloween it was the look of The Shape's mask. Simply put, it was as badass as it gets. Or so I thought. Several pictures surfaced tonight of what could be The Shape's newest head piece and all I can think is, "God, I hope so!".

Rob Zombie on H2 Set

Yet another picture from the set of Halloween 2 has surfaced, this time of Zombie just chilling on set. Steady .... steady .... I know you're excited.

First Pic of Bill Moseley in Halloween 2

The first picture of Bill Moseley as horror host Uncle Seymour Coffins from Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 appeared online today, and I have to say he looks really badass!

Rob Zombie on Re-casting Young Michael in Halloween 2

The man himself finally commented on having to re-cast the role of young Michael Myers because intended actor Daeg Faerch has hit a hell of a growth spurt since the first film.

Dan Roebuck Feeds His Frankenstein in Halloween 2 and More

It seems like every single day there's something new to report on concerning Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. The scary part? We're a long way from its release date of August 28th, 2009, so lord knows what goodies there are to come!

First Pic of Mane as Myers in Halloween 2

Um ... You know ... Well ... You see ... Ok, color me baffled. The first pic of the big man, Tyler Mane as Michael Myers, has hit online and it just has me kind of confused. Why does Michael look like ... look like .... well, just see for yourself.

Faerch Too Old To Play Young Myers Again?

Interesting developments coming out of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 shoot in Georgia. Apparently the original Young Michael, Daeg Faerch, may indeed be out of the role this time around.

UPDATE: Footage from Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 Set

Some behind-the-scenes footage of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 set has surfaced over on HorrorMovies.ca. There are four clips, ranging from about 15 to 20 second each.

First Look at Caroline Williams in Zombie's Halloween 2

Continuing his trend of posting pictures from the set of his new film, Rob Zombie today posted a pic of Caroline (TCM2) Williams in character.

Second Bloody Still From Halloween 2

More tasty images have been hitting the Net from Rob Zombie's upcoming Halloween 2 from a couple of different sources. Go ahead and click the below links. You know you want to.

First Image from Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

As promised by the man himself, the first image from his upcoming sequel to Halloween, cleverly titled Halloween 2, has hit the Net!

Eileen Dietz Cast in Halloween 2

Some interesting news came in earlier tonight from someone close to the production of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. Despite the film rolling tomorrow, yet another cast member has signed on to increase the sequel's horror pedigree, this time it's The Exorcist's Eileen Dietz.

McDowell Back for Halloween 2

Despite earlier rumors of a disconnect, it seems that Malcolm McDowell will indeed be back as Dr. Sam Loomis in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.