Rob Zombie

The Final Destination Officially Taking on H2?

Ever since it was announced that Halloween 2 and The Final Destination would be released on the same date of August 28th, 2009, it was thought one of the two films would most likely change its release plans. The smart money was on FD4 conceding, but if the RealD branded poster is any indication ... folks, we are ready to rumble!

Halloween 2 TV Spots Begin Airing

DVR's are a wonderful thing! Especially in the hands of Halloween fans who aren't afraid to use a little ingenuity. Word came down early in the weekend that TV spots for Halloween 2 had begun running, and now through the magic of bootlegging you can see them ASAP!

H2: Hobo-Myers Gets the Action Figure Treatment

Just when you thought it was safe to set up your action figures, the homeless Michael figure rears its head and roars our way. You know, this thing is so absurd looking, I think even I may have to buy one!

A Look at Loomis & More H2 Updates

Jesus Christ, Michael! We are so tired of looking at the Myers family. How about a peek at Loomis instead?

H2 Myers Figure Stalks Your Ankles

Mezco's Cinema of Fear is the new reigning champion of blood, guts, and plastic, bringing little horrors to fans across the world. This 7-inch series of figures adds new pieces in the scale collectors have come to love but approaches the classic baddies in ways we've never seen before. Now, the Mez takes on Rob Zombie's H2!

Uncle Coffins Plugs Halloween 2

The fictitious character and host of Haddonfield Horror TV, Uncle Coffins, has cut yet another video promo, this time plugging Rob Zombie's film. Strange? Yes. Drunk? Probably. Do you care? Doubtful.

H2: Captain Clegg Concert Poster

I bet you can't wait to listen to all the rockin' tunes provided by Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures that will be laced throughout the sequel we've all been waiting for -- Rob Zombie's Halloween 2!

H2's Captain Clegg Update

After a few relatively quiet weeks, Rob Zombie is back to posting Halloween 2 info on his MySpace page. Today's topic: Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures.

Most Badass Images of Myers Yet

We've seen a lot of them, but these next two are by far the ones that kicks the most ass. And where are they from, you ask? One's on the cover of the new issue of Fangoria, and the other comes to us as per usual from Zombie's MySpace page, that's where!

Bloody Myers in Hi-Res Glory

We care about you guys deeply. We even care about your PC wallpaper. So in the spirit of badass background images, we now bring you a super hi-res look at a battered and bloodied Michael Myers from the upcoming sequel Halloween 2.

Zombie Releases New Myers Photo on Twitter

Those of you who are fans of Rob Zombie's movies and music will be happy to know that he's opened up his very own Twitter account, and guess what he used as his background image? A brand spanking new photo of Myers!

New H2 Behind-the-Scenes Video

Dimension Films must be really pleased with how Rob Zombie's sequel to his blockbuster redux is turning out because they're already leaking some pretty nifty behind-the-scenes stuff!

First Look! H2 Living Dead Doll

From the insanely popular "babies turned supernatural creatures of the night" doll line we've come to know as Living Dead Dolls from Mezco Toys comes their first release for Rob Zombie's H2. Dig on little Mikey! Awwww ... he's so ... umm ... well this one is a little disturbing. Stay tuned for more details on how you can make this crumbly looking fella your own!

H2: Scout Loves Happy Endings

Dread Central favorite Scout Taylor-Compton released another still from the upcoming Halloween 2 on her official MySpace Page this weekend, so of course we nabbed it and brought it here for ya! We're good like that!

MTV's Halloween 2 Clip Now Live!

You know it figures. Everyone else is out celebrating the weekend, and what has to bring me home from partying? The need to do a news story about Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 . You're lucky we love you guys, damnit!