Rob Zombie

Myers to Get Chatty in Halloween 2?

In the first version of Halloween Rob Zombie had Myers speak one word, "Boo", referring of course to Laurie Strode's pet name as a baby. The scene didn't work, and Zombie wisely cut it. Will the "giant" be speaking in the sequel?

Exclusive: A Bloody Good Halloween 2 Still

To go along with the latest still posted just below this story, Dread Central snagged one that's exclusive to our site, and I have to say it looks pretty damn sweet!

New Halloween 2 Still

The 400th still from Rob Zombie's Halloween II appeared online today, and this one is actually rockin' some moments we've been waiting to see.

Halloween 2: Share Myers with Your Friends

There's nothing like posing for a picture with your favorite horror star. How cool would it be to be able to make that happen any time you wanted?

Myers and Zombie Have a Message for Fans

Finally a still from the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 that summarizes the entire experience. We can totally relate!

New Behind-the-Scenes Stills - Halloween 2

Just in case you were missing them, Rob Zombie has posted yet another batch of behind-the-scenes stills from his upcoming flick on the official Rob Zombie MySpace page. What new things wait in store for you?

The Music of Rob Zombie's H2

As a companion to the CD cover art we showed you the other day, Captain Clegg's "Zombie A-Go-Go" music video has premiered today. In addition, all you music lovers out there should be happy to learn we've also found the full track listing for Rob Zombie's Halloween II soundtrack.

H2: Captain Clegg CD Cover Art

Rob Zombie is at it again -- releasing info relating to Halloween II via his MySpace blog.

New H2 Wallpaper and Fan-Made Canadian One-Sheet

More Halloween II goodies have surfaced for you rabid fans that want EVERYTHING! Get ready to dig on some curious desktop wallpaper and some Canadian poster art from a fan!

Halloween 2 Chicks Show You Their Hole

We know. Skanky headline, right? If you think that's bad, wait until you see the new behind-the-scenes photo just added to Zombie's MySpace page showing off his ... ummm ... hotties hangin' out at Uncle Meat's Java Hole.

Two More Myers Pics

A couple of new images surfaced today of Big Mike doing his thing. Seriously, if you piece all these images together in chronological order, I'm pretty sure we've seen the whole movie already!

Yet More Behind-the-Scenes Halloween 2 Stills

In our long history of doing this job, we don't think we've ever seen anyone release as much behind-the-scenes stuff as Rob Zombie continues to do for Halloween II. Good thing? Bad thing? You tell us!

Another Halloween 2 Image Hits!

Not content with letting The Final Destination get any press without something from Halloween 2 seeping out as well, Rob has released another still from his much anticipated sequel.

El Superbeasto Collides with Michael Myers

Furthering his love for big time horror celebrity cameos in his films, Rob Zombie has even sprinkled some Myers action into his upcoming animated feature The Haunted World of El Superbeasto!

El Superbeasto Gets a Release Date

A few days ago we reported that Rob Zombie’s creation The Haunted World of El Superbeasto was available for pre-order via several online retailers. At the time we didn’t have a release date, but today we’ve got word when to expect this twisted little animated flick.