Rob Zombie

Exclusive: Inside The 2010 Eyegore Awards and Universal Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights!

Dread Central (in this case writers Heather Wixson, Andrew Kasch and yours truly, Sean Decker) hit the red carpet this past Friday night for the Eyegore Awards and opening night of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, CA, and brought back a bit of video (see that below, as well as video interviews from the carpet) from the rather boisterous festivities.

Rob Zombie to Usher in The Lords of Salem

After a week of heavy speculation, the proverbial cat is now out of the bag concerning just what Rob Zombie's next film will be. Curious? You know you are!

More on Rob Zombie's Next Film Project

That's right, kids. A quick update on just what Zombie's big movie announcement is and when he'll be making it has come our way, and we figured we'd share.

Rob Zombie Teases Movie Announcement!

Rob Zombie is an enigma. Say what you want about his movies, the guy does things his way and that's to be applauded. Now that his tour in support of his latest album is wrapping up, the rock star turned director is once again setting his sights on film.

Guest List Expands for Rock and Shock 2010

The 7th annual Rock and Shock Horror and Music Festival has just expanded its guest list yet again, and we've got the lowdown on who's been added to join the previously announced Danny Trejo, George Romero, Adrienne Barbeau, GWAR, Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper, and many more.

Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper Bringing the Rock to Rock and Shock 2010

As part of their Gruesome Twosome tour, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper will be bringing the fine folks of Worcester, Massachusetts one hell of a stage show as the icons will be performing on Saturday, October 16th as part of this year's Rock and Shock!

Official Details: House of 1000 Corpses at Halloween Horror Nights

Just a couple of days ago we told you about Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses getting its very own maze at this year's Halloween Horror Nights, and now the official word has come to pass.

Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses Heads Back to Universal

It's hard to believe that our favorite season is only a couple of months away. Pretty soon theme parks and haunted attractions will be popping up everywhere, and the granddaddy of them all, Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, will be home to some really unexpected faces ... namely, the Firefly clan from 2003's House of 1000 Corpses!

Universal Studios and Rob Zombie Teaming Up for Short Film Competition

Want to test your short film prowess? Think you have what it takes to have your project judged by a panel led by none other than Rob Zombie? Then read on for more details about Universal Studios Hollywood and Rob Zombie's new partnership to recognize the nation's top short-form filmmaking horror genre talent with the "Halloween Horror Nights - Rob Zombie Film Competition".

Rob Zombie Thinking The Devil's Rejects 2?

Some rather interesting rumblings are coming out of the ever unpredictable camp of rocker turned director Rob Zombie ... Could a revisit to the Firefly clan be in the cards?

Rob Zombie Offers Baron Von Shock Comic Preview

Sometimes it's a wonder that the man even has time to breathe. While on the road touring with his band, Rob Zombie has been blogging up a storm, this time offering up a few pages of his latest comic book venture with Image, What Ever Happened to Baron Von Shock?

Rob Zombie on His Tour and His Next Movie

It's been pretty quiet lately on the cinema front for rocker turned filmmaker Rob Zombie, and with good reason -- his latest album (which is all kinds of good) Hellbilly Deluxe 2 is out, and the man is busy making sure his tour burns up every venue that it visits.

Get Ready to Find Out Whatever Happened to Rob Zombie's Baron Von Shock

Rob Zombie has proven to be quite the renaissance man in terms of working within our genre and beyond, and now the rocker is ready to try his hand at the world of comic books!

Update on David Fincher's Animated Heavy Metal Project

It looks like David Fincher's idea of creating an animated anthology film based on science fiction/fantasy magazine Heavy Metal is coming closer to fruition, and with names like James Cameron and Zack Snyder attached to it, it's no wonder why.

Rob Zombie Talks CSI: Miami

Considering he made made his directorial debut with House of 1000 Corpses, it only seems fitting that Rob Zombie work on a television show that deals with a boatload of cadavers. For those of you who don't know by now, Zombie has directed an episode of "CSI: Miami" that's set to air in just a few days, and recently the singer/filmmaker spoke a bit about it.