Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Check out a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Eric England's Roadside

This past weekend indie filmmaker Eric England (Madison County) celebrated the world premiere of his latest directorial endeavor, the Hitchcockian thriller Roadside, at the first-ever CineMayhem Film Fest in Thousand Oaks.

CineMayhem Film Festival Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

Heather Wixson. Honestly, this "horror chick" is a bit of an enigma. Where she finds the time to get the amount of things done that she does is beyond me, but I can tell you that we are beyond thrilled to have her on our team and love her more than words can fully illustrate.

The CineMayhem Film Fest Invades Muvico Thousand Oaks - Additional Details Announced!

If you're in or around Los Angeles and are a horror fan, you should make it your business to attend this weekend's CineMayhem Film Festival in honor of Indie Horror Month! Read on for the skinny on all that's happening!

Official CineMayhem One-Sheet Arrives by the Roadside

The CineMayhem Film Fest is right around the corner, and to usher in its arrival, we have the official specially created for the event one-sheet for Eric England's Roadside, which is screening during the fest. Check it out!

Dread Central's Indie Horror CineMayhem Film Festival - Full Schedule Announced; Tickets on Sale Now!

The CineMayhem Film Fest is pleased to announce its final line-up with tickets and festival passes going on sale TODAY for the two-day celebration of independent horror at the Muvico in Thousand Oaks, CA, this March.

Get Your Short Film Shown on the Big Screen at the CineMayhem Film Festival

With Dread Central's Indie Horror Month right around the corner, we have a contest for you indie filmmakers that's sure to get your blood pumping and then hopefully spraying right out of your jugular vein. Read on for details.

Dread Central's Indie Horror Month Kicks Off with the CineMayhem Film Festival

If you're a regular reader of Dread Central, then you know that March is officially Indie Horror Month around these parts. A time when we celebrate our future horror maestros! This year we're kicking it off with a bang!

New Trailer Found by the Roadside

Next on tap for you cats is a look at the very first trailer for Eric England's (Madison County) latest fear flick, Roadside. Pull up a chair, park your ass, and drink it all in! You may wanna keep your head low in case of any stray bullets.

Eric England's Got the Blues in First Roadside Artwork

Man, the news just will not stop today. Are you keeping up? Hope so! Next on tap for you cats is a look at an early one-sheet for Eric England's (Madison County) latest fear flick, Roadside. Dig it!

Indie Horror Month Interview: Eric England Talks Madison County, Roadside, His Latest Project Contracted and More

In just under two years, up-and-coming filmmaker Eric England has already left quite an impression on the independent genre world. His feature film debut Madison County debuted to a sold-out crowd during LA's Screamfest last October and is set to make its home release this May.

First Images from Roadside Park Online

The first images from director Eric England's next flick Roadside have made their way online and they're packing some action. It's good to see something other than folks standing around which is usually the case with initial imagery. The film stars stars Ace Marrero, Katie Stegeman, Alan Pietruszewski, Lionel D. Carson and Jack Curenton and is now in post-production.

Indie Horror Month: Eric England's Top Five Independent Horror Features

Writer/director Eric England is taking no prisoners in the horror genre. He wrapped production on his first feature, Madison County, in September; and while he’s currently in post-production on the project, he’s already gearing up for his next called Roadside.

Eric England Trapped Roadside by a Trigger-Happy Psycho

With Madison County well on its way, writer/director Eric England has already set his sights on his next project, which he calls "a Hitchcockian thriller".