R.J. Torbert

Start Screaming! Ghostface Officially Returns in The Face of Fear!

Okay, so it's not Scream 5, but it is something, right? Everyone's favorite killer from Woodsboro is about to make his/her/who knows for sure return in a new book from author R.J. Torbert entitled The Face of Fear.

R.J. Torbert Talks the GhostFace Mask and Scream 4

What an insane feeling it must be to have helped to create the look of one of the single most recognizable horror icons ever. For R.J. Torbert this feeling is an every day reality, and recently he spoke a bit about how the mask was chosen as well as the nagging rumor about their being more than just one look for GhostFace as he returns to the big screen with Wes Craven's upcoming slasherfest Scream 4.