Moustapha Akkad Bench Dedicated In South Pasadena

On Monday, February 27th, the city of South Pasadena, California installed a rare permanent tribute to Halloween producer Moustapha Akkad on a city street where the iconic film was shot in 1978.

Rest in Peace: Leonardo Cimino

The world became a little less fun today as The Monster Squad has lost one of its own. We're sorry to report that Leonardo Cimino, known best to horror fans as the "Scary German Guy", has passed on.

Rest in Peace: Lina Romay

Fans of Jess Franco and exploitation cinema today are mourning the tragic loss of one of the biggest stars in her industry and sub-genre, the all too young Lina Romay.

Rest in Peace: Morgan Jones

While the name Morgan Jones may not exactly jump out at you, we can pretty much guarantee that if you're a fan of vintage horror and science fiction, his face and his body of work will be instantly recognizable.

Rest in Peace: Josephine Streiner

It's a really tearful day for fans of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Just hours after announcing the passing of Bill Hinzman, even more sad news has come our way.

Rest in Peace: Bill Hinzman

It's with deep sadness that we bring to you the news of the passing of Bill Hinzman this evening. We've lost another icon of the industry and more importantly one of the nicest and most genuine people we've ever had the chance of knowing.

Rest in Peace: Zalman King

Some sad news has come in: Producer, director, and screenwriter Zalman King, age 69, died this morning at his Santa Monica, California, home following a six-year battle with cancer. While best known for his erotically-charged projects like 9 1/2 Weeks, "Red Shoe Diaries," and Wild Orchid, King did dip his toes into the horror genre on more than one occasion.

Rest in Peace: The Exorcist III Star Nicol Williamson

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but word has come that Scottish actor Nicol Williamson has died in Holland at the age of 73 from cancer. Apparently he passed just before Christmas, but the news is just now getting out.

Rest in Peace: Hammer Films' Don Sharp

Some really sad news has emerged this holiday week as we've lost a true icon of our industry. While his name may not jump out at you unless you're as obsessive as we are, his movies have been making people leap out of their skin for decades.

Rest in Peace: Susan Gordon

Susan Gordon was best known as a child actress and is remembered mostly for her appearance in the "Twilight Zone" episode "The Fugitive", in which she befriends the ruler of a planet who is hiding out on earth. We're sad to report the news that Susan passed away on December 11th at the age of 62 after battling cancer.

Rest in Peace: Harry Morgan

He may have only dabbled in our genre a few times, but when such an iconic figure as Harry Morgan passes away, we'd be remiss not to mention it and express our condolences to his friends and family.

Rest in Peace: Alan Sues

Another small screen legend has passed on, leaving behind a legacy filled with laughs and memorable performances. TV legend Alan Sues has died at the age of 85.

Rest in Peace: Director Ken Russell

It's a sad day indeed as we are truly sorry to have to report that the great British director Ken Russell is no longer with us. Read on for all the details about the man's legacy, life, and death.

Rest in Peace: GWAR Guitarist Cory Smoot

Really sad news coming in today for fans of music and mayhem - guitarist Cory Smoot, better known as Flattus Maximus in the genre favorite band GWAR, has passed on.

Rest in Peace - David Hess

Sad and somewhat shocking news coming in this morning regarding genre favorite David Hess. Apparently the film community has lost another one of its own. Read on for details, which unfortunately are on the scant side at the moment.