Rick Trembles' Motion Picture Purgatory

Motion Picture Purgatory: Rabid Dogs

Rabid Dogs is considered by many to be the inspiration for Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Trembles appreciates it for its "bleak and searing real-world starkness."

Motion Picture Purgatory: Three Little Pigs

This week Trembles deconstructs the 1933 Disney favorite Three Little Pigs. You'll never look at it quite the same again!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Class of 1984

Leave it to Trembles to remind us what a classic slice of cult cinema Class of 1984 was!

Rick Trembles Unleashes Motion Picture Purgatory Volume 2

Whether you're a long-time reader of Dread Central or a brand new one, one feature we have around here that's an all-time favorite is without question Rick Trembles' Motion Picture Purgatory (archive here). The first print collection of Rick's unique brand of film critiquing madness has been available for sale for some time now, and Volume 2 is just around the corner!

Motion Picture Purgatory: C.H.U.D.

It's been a while since we've gotten any kind of update on the proposed C.H.U.D. remake, so let's take a look back at the original, shall we? This week Trembles reminds us what we love about it!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Beautiful Girl Hunter

Trembles' review this week is decidedly not work safe. I'm not even sure if it's home safe either. He has outdone himself with a seriously twisted little entry here!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Obsessed

We elected to pass on reviewing Obsessed here at Dread Central; its Fatal Attraction theme just seemed too "been there/done that." But now, thanks to Trembles, you have a chance to see if we were right in our assessment.

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Twonky

This week Trembles takes us back ... way back to 1953 for The Twonky written and directed by Arch Oboler and starring Hans Conried, the much beloved character actor from the 60's and 70's.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Cargo 200

I admit that when Trembles' latest arrived in my mailbox, I had no idea what Cargo 200 was all about. But a quick online search revealed that it's a controversial "dramatic thriller and a supposed conspiratorial depiction of the atmospheric tensions within the Soviet Union ... during the dissolution of the Communist Government."

Motion Picture Purgatory: Late Bloomer

He's disabled and only wants to hang out with his friends, just like anybody else. Beer, rock and roll, and women. But when his best friend steals his secret love, his everyday quest for normalcy launches him into a cold-blooded rampage of revenge.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Twilight

It might be the top selling DVD of the year so far with 5.6 million units flying off store shelves during its first weekend of availability, but you haven't really experienced Twilight until you've seen Rick Trembles' take on it.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Last House on the Left

Now that the Dread crew have had at The Last House on the Left remake via the latest Dinner for Fiends, you knew it would just be a matter of time before Rick Trembles had his say, too.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Pontypool

We should have an "official" review for Pontypool up shortly. But in the meantime, Rick Trembles has seen it already and provides his own spin on the story for our readers as only he can!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Hansel & Gretel

Rick travels to Korea this time for a look at the latest twist on an old fairy tale: Hansel & Gretel.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Videodrome

This time out Rick revisits an old, dear friend. Long Live the Old Flesh!