Richard Riehle

New International Texas Chainsaw 3D One-Sheet Combines Past Posters

What better way could there be to ring in the new year other than watching a long missed maniac cut the devil out of kids with a high powered chainsaw? Texas Chainsaw 3D is right around the corner, and we have a new international poster for you.

Gunnar Hansen Readies for Battle in Texas Chainsaw 3D

The people behind Texas Chainsaw 3D aren't taking the holidays off as they've released the first image of original TCM star Gunnar Hansen lying in wait to cause mayhem in the latest film coming from Lionsgate early next year. Dig it.

Texas Chainsaw 3D - Chat LIVE with Trey Songz

In just over an hour you'll have your chance to talk to Texas Chainsaw 3D's Trey Songz! Interested? Then read on for all the details you need. If you do participate, can someone please ask him to use his real name instead of his rap artist name for his next movie... if there is one?

Kick-Ass Texas Chainsaw 3D Fan-Made Art Gallery

Vice and Lionsgate have teamed up to celebrate the return of Leatherface and his fine assortment of flesh and powertools by amassing a fan-made gallery of artwork that truly is pretty damned amazing. Check out the eye candy now.

Fiery New Texas Chainsaw 3D Still

Texas Chainsaw 3D is looking to become the first hot horror flick of 2013, and to prove it, a new still has come our way that's nothing short of combustible. Check it out right now, and look for more on the flick soon!

Texas Chainsaw 3D - Win an Insane Prize Pack!

We are just a couple of weeks away before the unleashing of Texas Chainsaw 3D on audiences all over the country, and to help you welcome it in style, we have a chance for you to win some branded prize packages to die for.

Texas Chainsaw 3D Trailer Gets Re-Mixed; New Interview!

"Chainsaw Thursdays" continue to drop new tidbits of weekly goodness on us, and the latest is here... Mike Relm has remixed the trailer for horror fans, giving the film's characters some repetitive spring in their collective steps. Couple that with an interview with Alexandra Daddario, and we are golden! Check it out.

New Texas Chainsaw Behind-the-Scenes Video Features the Original Cast in Action

Though we usually find B-roll videos boring, this one is worth it to see Bill Moseley along with John Dugan reprising his role as Grandpa in action. Pull up a chair and do the time warp, kids... seeing the original house complete with chicken in bird cage again is simply magic.

A Texas Chainsaw TV Spot From Across the Pond

Opening in UK cinemas on January 9th, just a few days later than here Stateside, will be Texas Chainsaw 3D, but that small delay hasn't stopped our friends from across the pond from doling out their own TV spot! Dig it.

Texas Chainsaw 3D - Hot Summer, Hot Chicks, Hot Damn!

Two new images have arrived in support of the upcoming direct sequel to the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, entitled Texas Chainsaw 3D (as if you didn't know), and this time the spotlight is on two of the flick's leading lovelies.

Third Texas Chainsaw 3D TV Spot Arrives Via Bootleg

YouTube. It's where everyone with a camera shows up to share everything that they've caught. The bounty today? A new TV spot for Texas Chainsaw 3D. And to think I remember the days when we used to turn the channel during commercials.

New Texas Chainsaw Images Full of Fire and Bill Moseley

Website Noticias De Terror scanned in some images from the new issue of Fangoria, which is home to several never-before-seen images from the upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D. Check it out, kids! There's enough goodness here to get you excited!

Files Opened for Texas Chainsaw 3D

A new viral image for Texas Chainsaw 3D has made its way online which takes a look at the "Day of Incident." Lord how we cannot wait to see just what that incident is. We'll find out in a few weeks, but for now dig on this tease.

Second Texas Chainsaw TV Spot Home to a Big Legend

The second television spot for Texas Chainsaw 3D has arrived, and it's entitled "Big Legend." We have it right here for you sans the small stuff. Check it out and tell us what you think afterward in our comments section.

New Texas Chainsaw Widget Saws Through Your Screen

Looking for something deadly cool to share with your friends on Facebook? Look no further. The powers-that-be behind the Sawyer clan have released a new widget on their Facebook page in celebration of what they're calling #ChainsawThursdays!