Richard Kelly

First Look at the Final Poster for The Box

I suppose it's only fitting that since he showed off the first one-sheet via his Facebook page, director Richard Kelly opted to reveal the final poster for The Box using his Twitter account.

Trailer for Richard Kelly's The Box

Can you say "finally"? At long last the official trailer for Richard Kelly's The Box, about a couple's 24-hour dilemma over whether or not to push a button that will simultaneously pay them $1 million and kill a stranger, is available.

Kelly to Offer a Peek in The Box at Comic-Con

Starting to pencil in your schedule for this year's San Diego Comic-Con? Make sure you keep a spot open on Friday, July 24, so that you can get a look at long-awaited The Box from director Richard Kelly.

One-Sheet: Richard Kelly's The Box

Those of you waiting for more on Richard Kelly's latest film The Box can finally get a good look at the first official one-sheet for the movie.

Update on Richard Kelly's The Box

Fans of Donnie Darko and, more importantly, director Richard Kelly will be happy to hear that his next film, The Box, is very much on track. In fact, tonight Kelly doled out quite a few facts about his next feature.

Make a Date with The Box

Richard Kelly's latest chiller The Box finally has a release date. In a rare turn of events, the movie has been moved up from its proposed original release date in November to arrive just in time for Halloween!

Donnie Darko (Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Mary McDonnell, Mark Anderson, Merribelle Anderson Directed by Richard Kelly Distributed by Fox Home Entertainment

Richard Kelly's The Box Delayed

It appears that the folks at Warner Bros. have once again taken the Trick 'r Treat approach of "let's never release it" when it comes to yet another of their better horror titles.

The Box Moves Dates Again

The last update we had on some kind of release for Richard Kelly's The Box gave a somewhat reasonable date of March 20th, 2009 for its theatrical bow. So, of course, that appears to have changed.

The Box will Arive in 2009

Things have been pretty quiet regarding the Richard Kelly directed mystery known as The Box. We know that it has officially wrapped, but how long will it be until the film is shipped to the cinemas?

Darko Gets Sequelized

Though it’s hard to put Donnie Darko in the “horror” category, I think it’s bizarre enough to have a place in most of your hearts anyway. And when there’s a place in your heart for an original that means you don’t need to make much room to question a pointless sequel.

New Pics From Kelly's The Box

Just the other day we threw the first picture of the titular device from Richard Kelly’s The Box at ya. Today USA Today, of all places, got their hands on 7 exclusive stills from the film, one of which you can see below. I have to say, I had no idea that Kelly had set his story in the 1970’s, but damn I love the look of it. Click here or on the photo below to see the rest!

Behind The Box

Not the most exciting of updates, but I know there are some of you chomping at the bit for more info on Richard Kelly’s next film, The Box, so we’ll give you whatever we can to keep you from chewing off your own tongue. Cause, you know, we care.

First Look at The Box

I’m not sure where it came from, but the boys over at Twitch Film managed to snag the first picture from the new Richard (Donnie Darko, Southland Tales) film, The Box, as well as the official plot synopsis.

Kelly's Box is Wrapped!

Richard Kelly just updated his MySpace blog with some very good news last night; The Box is a wrap! The horror movie starring Frank Langella, Cameron Diaz (pictured) and James Marsden and has been shooting in Boston (d’oh!) and Virginia for the past few weeks and is now officially in the can!