Psychic Killer (DVD)

Psychic Killer DVD (click for larger image)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Julie Adams, Whit Bissell, Bill Bonner, Neville Brand, Judith Brown, Jim Hutton

Directed by Raymond Danton

Distributed by Dark Sky Films

The Seventies, man! What a decade! The oddest things were in fashion, Pink Floyd was on the radio, and the folks who made horror movies were blissfully out of their skulls! Also big during that time in history was Astral Projection. What's that you ask? Dude, you need to smoke more pot! Astral projection is the ability to move the consciousness deliberately into the plane of reality known as the ‘astral’ while your physical body remains elsewhere! Far fuckin' out shit, man! What if a killer had that ability? A vengeful killer!

Meet Arnold Masters (Hutton). He's your ordinary garden variety harmless recluse who was committed to a mental asylum for a murder that he didn't commit. This was commonplace back then between dropping acid and spinning Beatles albums backwards. Anyway, once his mom dies from neglect on the part of the folks who were supposed to be taking care of her, Arnold masters his psychic abilities and uses them to wreak havoc upon the guilty parties on the outside. Sweet!

Psychic Killer DVD (click for larger image)The Psychic Killer is not a great movie. Hell, some would argue that it's not even a good movie. It is, however, one hell of a fun product of its time. I'd take a million of these flicks over the soul-less dreck Hollywood has been shitting out lately. It's full of fun gags, hilariously dated writing, and the single greatest Fright-wig I have ever seen! You just can't help but dig on the film's charm, which is something it has by the boatload! What it doesn't have are many extras. All that's included is the trailer along with several TV spots. On the other hand, with something this obscure I wouldn't be expecting there to be very much material laying around.

Dark Sky Films, bless its black little heart, continues to plunder film vaults everywhere to bring us the some of the strangest and quirkiest titles imaginable, and I love them for it! Looking for a little fun on a Friday night? Then call upon the Psychic Killer for a hot date! Groovy!

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    3 1/2 out of 5

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    1 out of 5

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