Omen, The: Collection (Blu-ray)

The Omen Collection on Blu-ray review (click for larger image)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring (The Omen) Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, Harvey Stephens, David Warner, (Damien: Omen II) William Holden, Lee Grant, Jonathan Scott-Taylor, Robert Foxworth, (Omen III: The Final Conflict) Sam Neill, Rossano Brazzi, Don Gordon, Lisa Harrow, (The Omen (remake)) Liev Schreiber, Julia Stiles, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, David Thewlis

Directed by (The Omen) Richard Donner, (Damien: Omen II) Don Taylor and Mike Hodges, (Omen III: The Final Conflict) Graham Baker, (The Omen (remake)) John Moore

Distributed by Fox Home Entertainment

“From the eternal sea he rises, creating armies on either shore, turning man against his brother, ‘til man exists no more.”

Oh, you little devil! Since 1976 the name Damien has become synonymous with evil. David Seltzer’s book The Omen was turned into a big screen sensation that launched two theatrical sequels, one made-for-TV sequel, a near shot-for-shot remake, and even its very own ominous curse. All are included here (except for the horrid TV sequel) in this top-notch high definition Blu-ray collection courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment.

The Omen Collection on Blu-ray review (click for larger image)Before I begin one what’s new and what’s been ported over from the original DVD releases, I have to make mention of the packaging for this box set. Simply put — whoever greenlit this flimsy abomination should lose his or her job. The outside is cool enough, but as soon as you remove the insert and see that each disc is laying on nothing more than a thin piece of cardboard while being held in place by a small foam nipple(!), you too will be guaranteed to feel somewhat cheated. I mean, really. The first time I picked up the box, I thought it was empty. It really baffles the mind.

In any event, included here and looking and sounding simply stunning are the original The Omen, Damien: Omen II, Omen III: The Final Conflict, and of course The Omen remake. Completists will no doubt cry foul at the absence of the ludicrous fourth film in the series, but me? I say good riddance. It was a steaming TV expelled turd that isn’t even close in terms of quality to any of the other films in this series.

Even better … every single bit of supplemental material from the incredible The Omen Collector’s Edition DVD (review here) and the remake of The Omen (review here) have made the jump to this new medium, and lately that seems like a small miracle. The commentaries on Damien: Omen II, and Omen III: The Final Conflict are back as well, but wait … there’s more!

The Omen Collection on Blu-ray review (click for larger image)The Omen and The Omen remake are also sporting some Blu-ray exclusives! For the original film we get four new bits of goodness — a third commentary track by film historians Lem Dobbs, Nick Redman, and Jeff Bond, a brilliant isolated score track that will give your home theatre system quite a work-out, The Omen Revelations: BonusView trivia track, and a new fourteen-minute interview with director Richard Donner that plays in high definition. On the remake’s disc the only new thing to be found is a trivia track. Honestly … even that is more than it deserves. All in all, this is a pretty friggin’ sweet deal! We’re talking hours and hours of stuff!

It should also be noted that The Omen and The Omen remake are also available separately on Blu-ray, but if you want parts II and III in high-def, this is your only option.

What we have here, folks, is a package that falls just short of being perfect. For Omen fans and Blu-ray junkies this cannot be recommended highly enough. Just be prepared to look past the shoddy packaging. Once you do that, be ready to indulge in nearly a thousand minutes of blood soaked Anti-Christ antics!

Special Features

The Omen

  • Audio commentary by director Richard Donner and editor Stuart Baird
  • Audio commentary by director Richard Donner and writer/director Brian Helgeland

  • Audio commentary by film historians Lem Dobbs, Nick Redman, and Jeff Bond (new to Blu-ray)
  • Isolated score (new to Blu-ray)
  • The Omen Revelations: BonusView trivia track (new to Blu-ray)
  • Richard Donner on The Omen featurette (new to Blu-ray)
  • Curse or Coincidence featurette
  • Jerry Goldsmith Discusses The Omen Score interview featurette
  • Introduction to the special edition of The Omen by director Richard Donner

  • 666: The Omen Revealed featurette
  • The Omen Legacy featurette
  • Screenwriter’s Notebook featurette with screenwriter David Seltzer
  • Deleted Scene: Dog Attack with commentary by director Richard Donner and writer/director Brian Helgeland

  • An Appreciation: Wes Craven on The Omen interview featurette
  • Still gallery
  • Theatrical trailer

    Damien: Omen II

  • Audio commentary by producer Harvey Bernhard
  • Trailer

    Omen III: The Final Conflict

  • Audio commentary by director Graham Baker
  • Trailer

    The Omen (remake)

  • Commentary by director John Moore, producer Glenn Williamson, and editor Dan Zimmerman

  • Devil’s Footnotes trivia track (new to Blu-ray)
  • Revelation 666 featurette
  • Unrated extended sequences
  • Omenisms featurette
  • Abbey Road Sessions featurette
  • Trailers

    Films Combined:

    4 1/2 out of 5

    Special Features Combined:

    5 out of 5

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    • syd13

      yeah…omen 4 was aproaching amityville-sequel levels of pain. coincidentally it was directed by dominique othenin-girard, the same fabulous autuer who gave us halloween 5. i wonder if, since it was a made-for-tv movie, it may not have been recorded on film, which would make it impossible (i think) to remaster in HD. i may be wrong about that, and if so, please correct me, but if its true, then it would explain why it was left out of the set.