Ghouligans, The: Super Show! (DVD)

The Ghouligans (click for larger image)Reviewed by Kryten Syxx

Starring Justin Hertz, Sean King, Peter Bune, Michael Koscik, Rick Maggio, Jamie Joan Frevele, Theresa Koscik, Erica Curcio

Directed by Sean King

Distributed by The Slack Pack

Think back, way back! Let your mind wander to that era when variety shows were a dime a dozen, horror hosts cracked bad puns and Filmation was in its prime. That, my friends, is the amalgamation of good times that helped form Slack Pack’s The Ghouligans! Super Show!. It helps bring back memories, but does this DVD create any of its own?

Coming it at just over 40 minutes, The Ghouligans! Super Show! introduces us to a motley crew of classic horror icons with a slight twist. The Wolf Man, the Count, Gillman, the Creature (affectingly named “Boris”), the Mummy and Void the Zombie all chip in for a laugh or two.

Being a mish-mash of all things ‘60s and ‘70s television had to offer, The Ghouligans! Super Show! shares the same strengths and weaknesses of the things that inspired its creation. The jokes are corny and the comedic timing is sometimes off, but at the same time you just can’t pull yourself away to see what happens next.

The Ghouligans (click for larger image)Whether it be a random monster surf-off, commercial for blood tea or Boris boxing a giant squid, there’s just something about this project hat keeps drawing us in. But not everything here hits the spot in a comedic sense. Ghouligans does an outstanding job of spoofing, but at times we wished there it tried to be a little more clever and less derivative.

What it lacks in pure comedy, Ghouligans makes up with great make-up and sets we didn’t expect to see in an indie production. The Ghouligans is like a living cartoon, Groovie Ghoulies brought to life. Everything is vibrant with color and could easily be mistake for anthropomorphic personifications of Lou Scheimer’s wet dreams.

While this may not have everyone rolling on the floor laughing, The Ghouligans! Super Show! does what so few independent films do. The filmmakers here made us feel like real time, effort, blood, sweat and slime were put into making The Ghouligans!.

3 out of 5

0 out of 5

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