Zombabies (DVD)

Zombabies Review (click for larger image)Reviewed by Kryten Syxx

Starring Heather Del Rio, Sue Rock, Heath Allyn and Gabriel Lopez

Directed, Written, Produced and Edited by Justin Paul Warren

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Won’t someone please think of the children!

Filmmaker Justin Paul Warren sure did with his short film (which is part of an ongoing series) called Zombabies. He answered the call by many horror fans out there for more flesh-eating infants to grace our televisions. OK, maybe the outcry wasn’t from that many, but the end result of Warren’s work is something that shouldn’t be skipped by anyone who loves this genre.

Let’s start at the beginning. The zombie apocalypse has begun. Zombabies teases us with the cause of the outbreak, but the full origin will be covered in the next entry titled Hazmat J. What we do know is that some sort of radiation is seeping into humans via microwaves, cellphones and televisions. Watching the news? BOOM! Insta-Zombie!

Zombabies DVD (click for larger image)This doesn’t bode well for a certain slacker daycare worker who prefers to smoke pot and let the infants veg in front of the boob tube instead of actually caring for the little tykes. While phoning up a booty call in another room, the kids go from pink cheeked bundles of joy into black eyed, white skinned hell in diapers.

When the one night stand gentleman shows up, he is treated to an army of Zombabies which can leap incredible heights and tear a full grown man apart. Oh the blood flows heavy and those little dead kids are just so cute while eating human flesh. That’s the charm of Zombabies; it’s an indy film that manages to be utterly tasteless and totally enjoyable.

As soon as our heroine enters the scene, she quickly dispatches the Zombabies in a variety of nasty ways that are sure to invite loads of hate mail. Heads are kicked off, pulled off and even one little Zombie baby in a green frog outfit gets chainsawed right down the center. Oh. Fuck. Yes! Who knew it’d be a good idea to keep a chainsaw around a daycare for such emergencies?

Zombabies DVD (click for larger image) And that’s pretty much where this part of the tale ends. The run time is under 11 minutes and the film makes full use of it by giving us loads of characters, gore and comedy. I can’t wait to see where Justin Warren goes from here as the series continues. If he keeps the same momentum up, this’ll be one hell of a ride.

Believe it or not, there are a good amount of extras packed on the Zombabies DVD. While things like the METV interview and concept art are not all that exciting, the storyboards and behind the scenes videos are. Zombie 101 shows us how thorough director Justin Paul Warren was about how his zombie cast should act. Instead of just saying, “Stumble around like drunks,” he instructs them to explore how they’d personally walk depending on how they died. Mr. Warren also has his undead army sing happy birthday! If only Chuck E. Cheese offered this service…

Zombabies is just a good time. The film isn’t loaded down with messages or political intent, it is made to entertain and it does.

Special Features

  • Zombie 101
  • Luarel’s Undead Birthday
  • Storyboards of the Dead
  • METV Red River Rocks Interview
  • Original Opening Logo Concept Art
  • Still Galleries
  • Alley Runthrough
  • Hazmat J Trailer

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    3 1/2 out of 5

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    • AngryChairr

      Wow. This is kind of ridiculous. If you want to see something even crazier than this then watch the short film Treevenge. Its ending has a scene that would probably turn the stomachs of people offended by this. Honestly though, this seems relatively tame despite its obvious intent.

      I think the real problem people should be groaning about is…another Evil Dead / Dead Alive tribute? Haven’t we said everything that needs to be said in that style of film? If all this offers to separate itself from the rest of the imitators is baby mutilation as its main gag, then I think that speaks more to a lack of creativity than it does any sort of moral dilemma. They basically took a five minute gag from Dead Alive, Lionel’s subplot with the zombie baby, and stretched it out into a short film. I know we all love those movies, but can we please just let them rest already?

    • Jeannette91

      sounds kind of funny and freaky at the same time!
      i am not sure i want to watch that


    • Justin Warren

      Like Kryten Syxx and Uncle Creepy said, Zombabies is just meant to be a good time. Even the parents of the children who were nervous and apprehensive about the project love the film and have come to all the screenings.

      We were all aware when we got started that some people might be offended by the idea of the material. But with the light hearted, playful spirit the film embraces, it’s almost impossible to be offended by it. Honestly, thedudeabides, I’ve been offended by the violence in 80’s Italian cannibal movies a lot more often than the violence I’ve seen in films like Evil Dead or Dead Alive. Being someone who not only loves children, but animals as well, I honestly can’t handle what I’ve seen happen to some animals in those films (Slave of the Cannibal God, for example). In my humble opinion, I often find THAT stuff immoral.

      As a loving husband who’s looking forward to being a father, I, nor anyone else on the crew, wishes or condones actual violence to children. We were gentle to the utmost degree with the parents nearby when the day came to film with the babies.

      But anyways…we made Zombabies to be a fun gory throwback to the days of an early Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson, but with new ideas and for a new generation. We miss those days, I don’t think we’re alone.

      It was obvious we weren’t alone the night Zombabies won the Audience Favorite Award at the zombie festival it played at by a landslide vote among over 400 voters. And with the praise we had at Fear Fest 2, that was another good sign.

      Zombabies is the first episode of a series of 8 short zombie comedies taking place in the same world at the same time, with interlocking characters and events. A zombie-comedy Pulp Fiction or Sin City. The next episode, Hazmat J, is coming along very well. Oh, and don’t worry, no babies are in that one, lol! ;D

      To check out more about the film, check out our MySpace Page at the top of the review!

      –Justin Warren

    • thedudeabides

      Different tastes for different mentalities. I could care less who enjoyed it.

    • Tristan Sinns

      It’s been done before. Go watch Andy Warhol’s Bad. There’s one scene in it that is absurdly over the top. I watched it at a movie party the other week and the entire room about fell to the carpet at this scene, it was hilarious.

      We also ended up rewinding and rewatching it about 3 times.


    • Uncle Creepy

      The violence in this flick is to be digested as you would violence in a Loony Tunes cartoon. It’s just that kind of absurdly comical. It’s graphic and over the top as well but in the most light hearted and silly ways possible.

    • thedudeabides

      I don’t think so – I made a point of saying Zombie babies to take the edge off my comment – but I was referring to violence toward children in general.

      But to use those examples you said, DOTD 04 didn’t have the sadistic bent towards it, it was done to actually horrify the audience not elicit gleeful “that was cool” mentality.

      Dead Alive – spot on, but the fact that the baby was a zombie to begin with makes it in a different category than if it was a child who died and became a zombie punching bag.

      As I said, what I was referring to in actuality was the general violence toward children aspect in general that seems to be prevalent – using Argento’s The Third Mother as a prime example.

      True there were movies like Who can Kill a Child, etc. in the past, but while that was a powerful movie, I also don’t care for that violence towards children.

      It just seems that lately this is the new “shocking” taboo that people want to appear to be oh-so-hip in breaking. Attacks on religion and animals were never safe, so why should children be any different.

      Look at it from a parent’s type of viw. I am a parent, and I just find it distasteful.

      There is a difference between “disturbing” and “distasteful.” A big difference.

      I personally just do not like things like this and find them crude and unnecessary. And this is coming from someone who loves 80’sa Italian cannibal movies.

    • Kryten Syxx

      TDA, if that was the case … then wouldn’t the trend have kicked off back in ’04 with the Dawn of the Dead remake or maybe even Brain Dead?

    • thedudeabides

      Excuse me, there was a typo – should have read: “are embracing.”

    • thedudeabides

      Well, I guess violence towards children (zombie children, anyway) is going to be the new trend that filmmakers are embrace.

    • Terminal

      I sure hope this movie is good, because those screenshots make me cringe.

    Kryten Syxx