Black Santa’s Revenge (DVD)

Black Santa's Revenge DVD (click for larger image)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Ken Foree, Todd Robinson, Gracie Starr, Ira Kortum

Directed by David F. Walker

Distributed by Badazz Mofo

“I’m makin’ my list. Checkin’ it twice. Gonna put all you motherfuckas on ice” — Ken Foree, Black Santa’s Revenge

Looking for the perfect gift to stick under someone’s tree? Stop looking! David Walker’s Black Santa’s Revenge delivers exactly what you expect it to and stands as a worthy homage to the great old blaxploitation films of yesteryear. Before we go any further, let’s dig on the storyline for a bit, shall we?

After a long day of playing Santa at the local youth center, Black Santa (Foree) is feeling pretty good about himself. Turns out this year was especially good for toy donations, so all the kids who came to see him will be pretty happy come sunrise. There’s just one hitch — a gang of lowlifes want to spoil all the holiday fun by jacking the toy haul and selling it. After a short tussle the gang overcomes Black Santa and gets away with the loot. They thought after that it would be over. They thought they were home free. Smooth sailing. That is until Black Santa readies his size 12 boot to be firmly planted in their asses while dispatching baddie after baddie in a hail of gunfire and gore.

Black Santa's Revenge DVD (click for larger image)Two words … FUCK YEAH! Clocking in at just over twenty minutes long, Black Santa’s Revenge provides enough funk, violence, and bare breasts as you could hope for in a short film. Foree is just plain awesome in the role which was originally conceived as a comic book by director Walker. He steals the show in just about every film he’s been in lately from The Devil’s Den to the Halloween remake. Walker gives him a lot to do in such a short run-time thanks to some great effects and hilarious writing. Fuck, dude, given all the shit that’s been rammed down out throats this year, Black Santa’s Revenge comes off like a sweet blast of Thunderbird wine scented breath!

David Walker has worked closely with Foree for the last three years to develop the character and bring it to the screen with as much love, thought, and fun as possible. It shows. The film, billed by its creator as a “mini-epic”, is sure to become a cult staple with fans everywhere. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a feature length flick on the horizon sometime soon. We can only pray for a Christmas miracle!

Do yourself a favor — head on over to the film’s official site listed below and get yourself a copy. At only ten bucks it’s a holiday steal. Upon arrival, turn down the lights, pop the DVD in, sit by the fire, cuddle with your family, and spike the fucking egg nog as the black man in red and white paints the screen a whole lot redder.

“Ho ho ho, you naughty motherfuckas!”

3 1/2 out of 5

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