Skinwalkers (DVD)

Skin Walkers DVD (click for larger image)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Kim Coates, Barbara Gordon, Elias Koteas, Tom Jackson, Rhona Mitra, Jason Behr

Directed by Jim Isaac

Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

I liked Jason X. For all of its shortcomings, and yes, there were a lot of them, it stands as one of my favorite entries in the Friday franchise. When the new werewolf flick Skin Walkers was first announced there were reasons to be stoked! Jason X director Jim Isaac was at the helm, and Stan Winston’s F/X company were handling the hairy stuff! What was there not to be excited about? But then … then the news came — PG13. Great! A werewolf movie with no bite. Still, I kept my hopes up until the walls of reality came crashing down around me.

Two packs of werewolves remain in existence. One that hunts, and one that tries to co-exist peacefully with man. Each was staying out of the others way until the moon began to glow red. According to an ancient Indian prophecy when the moon turns crimson a thirteen year old boy would control the fate of the packs. Not wanting to take any chances because they were happy the way that things were, the hunters set out after the kid to find him. Of course said kid is being protected by the peace loving pack and before you know it we have a fur flying tooth and nail collision to deal with. Too bad things didn’t turn out as exciting as the premise promised.

Skin Walkers DVD (click for larger image)Simply put this werewolf flick is tame and neutered. Sure there are a few bloodless action scenes here and there, but this overly long tale of the good, the bad, and the furry wears out its welcome the second its star, the ever so wooden I can only be on screen walking in slow-motion-with-the-wind-in-my-hair, Jason Behr takes center stage. He can barely cut it as a supporting actor much less a lead. His one note performance, coupled the lack of gore and cool looking beasties, plus the ridiculous script equal out into one of the most mundane viewing experiences of the year.

There are a few extras to keep you busy after the feature, but I doubt anyone will want to stick around long enough to watch them. Things kick off with your ever-so-cookie cutter making-of which plays strangely like more of an ad campaign than an actual featurette. From there were subjected to the Huguenot Shoot Out scene in various forms — IE: with animatic, animatic only with commentary from producer Dennis Berardi, etc. Some digital F/X comparisons, and eight deleted scenes that run about five and a half minutes. If you still want more there’s also a commentary with Isaac that leaves you feeling kind of bad for the guy that his movie sucked so bad.

Looking for a good werewolf flick? Look elsewhere. There’s nothing to see here. Skinwalkers is about as timid an experience as you could hope for. You’re far better off having a double feature of Bad Moon and Big Bad Wolf, and believe me, that’s not saying very much. I guess we’re going to be waiting a tediously long while for the next great film starring a murderous Lycanthrope.


Special Features

  • Audio commentary with Jim Isaac
  • Making-of Skinwalkers featurette
  • Huguenot Shoot Out previsualization featurette
  • Digital F/X comparisons
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Trailer


    2 out of 5

    Special Features:

    2 out of 5

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    • GODFLESH69

      Just went back and rewatched this i didn’t care too much for this when released actually not that bad of a werewolf flick.