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fractured s - Fractured (2014)Starring Callum Blue, Vinnie Jones, Ashlynn Yennie, Nicole LaLiberte, John Eyez

Directed by Adam Gierasch

Originally entitled Schism, Fractured has some fun stuff to look at. Not the least of which is Ashlynn Yennie prancing around with full-frontal nudity for a couple of minutes in the first scenes of the movie. That’s definitely an exciting way to get the ball rolling. And director Adam Gierasch doesn’t stop there with the skin treatment. There’s plenty to go around throughout the movie, and no one is left out as there is even a bit of man ass and dick and balls for your viewing pleasure.

Additionally for the eyes are the practical F/X of Fred Vogel and Jerami Cruise. Better known as the directors of one of the most extreme underground indie films of all time, August Underground Mordum, Vogel and Cruise bring some amazing F/X to Fractured which are, by far, the most impressive parts of the movie. In fact, there is one scene that you’ll find may be one of the most impressive uses of practical F/X that you’ve seen in some time.

Now, it’s not often that we start a review with the fact that the movie features some enjoyable nudity and amazing practical F/X. The reason we are doing that here is because those are the most impressive aspects of Fractured after the naked girls and bloody gags, things are kinda just meh with this one.

Fractured is the story of a man, Dylan White (played by “Smallville’s” General Zod, Callum Blue) who has no idea who he is. He was found in a field with a cerebral hematoma and fractured collarbone and was nursed back to health at the Havenfield Facility. After healing and being sent back into society, Dylan finds a decent living as a chef before some brutal hallucinations start to interfere with his life. A picture in a local newspaper stirs some memories in his vacant mind and he starts to follow clues that lead him back to his original life.

Up to this point, the characters are pretty thin. We don’t really care about Dylan and, aside from the fact that she likes to walk around naked and screw, we don’t really care about Yennie’s character either. But once Dylan begins to make his way back into his old life and mysteries start coming uncovered, things get at least a bit more interesting. We come to find out that Dylan was actually named Jaren (what? Jaren?) and he was involved in some pretty nasty business. And that business is what is now haunting him. His old partner goes by the name of Quinn and he’s played by the always badass Vinnie Jones. Dylan asks himself the question…By going back and making right for some of his horrible acts, can a man actually transform himself? As the film asks, “Do you think people can change? Can a truly bad person become good? And vice versa?” This question is the crux of the entire movie and, although a good premise, it seems to get lost in some of the muddiness of the story.

Fractured is a story of mystery and redemption. Of looking at rock bottom and finding a way to dig yourself out of it. The story is mildly interesting until supernatural aspects begin to be woven in. This was unnecessary and takes a believable story and makes it fanciful, basically ruining any power the tale might have had. And again, none of the characters evoke any emotion in the viewer. That is until fiery red-headed Marlena arrives on the scene. Played by gorgeous ginger-haired actress Nicole LaLiberte, Marlena is the first person we meet in Fractured that is truly engaging. She’s sexy and extremely provocative and the one and only person in the movie that we meet that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. In fact, even in her last scene, she steals the show.

Fractured is something of a mystery, something of a horror film, but not much of either. Outstanding practical F/X save this movie and make it something at least worth giving a glace. And if not for the F/X, it’s worth it for LaLiberte’s performance. The movie has a concept that possibly could work, but ultimately falls flat. It’s not a bad effort, but it never grabs the audience outside of a couple practical F/X scenes. This is what happens when a decent story gets bogged down with an odd supernatural addition and really slow pacing. Gore fans could tune in for the few high spots though!

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2 1/2 out of 5

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