Feeding (Short, 2007)

Feeding short film reviewStarring Carolyn Hennesy, Donald Agnelli

Written and Directed by James Arnall

12 Minutes

Anyone who’s been in a marriage, or any relationship for that matter, knows that it can be a challenge even for the most dedicated couples. There’s a lot of work involved with keeping a relationship flourishing instead of floundering, and BOTH individuals in the couple must be willing to do their share of it. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be involved with the right person, and that’s when the problems begin.

Feeding is a short film that shows us that just as day-old bread loses its freshness, relationships are just as prone to going stale when proper care is not taken. The story is simple enough. There is a married couple; one is inattentive and the other is desperate for appreciation. It may seem a bit cliché, but this situation is far more commonplace than most will care to admit.

Carolyn Hennesy plays her part brilliantly as the wife most men dream of, at least as far as skill in the kitchen goes. She meticulously prepares gourmet meals by hand and has them ready each evening for her husband’s return home. The place settings and centerpieces are flawlessly arranged all the way down to candles and wine. Taking the greatest pleasure in the smallest of details, Carolyn seems to revel in the creation of dining perfection.

Who wouldn’t want to be catered to in such a way?

Well, her husband I guess. Donald Agnelli’s portrayal of Carolyn’s self-absorbed spouse is as perfect as the culinary delights he so callously ignores. Here’s a guy who always has a hot meal waiting on the table when he gets home and a lovely mate to share it with, but all he’s worried about is missing a game because the cable is out. You can’t help but wonder why his wife goes to such painstaking lengths to prepare his meals.

This scenario may sound as mundane as a cold cheese sandwich, but I assure you that is not the case.

Neglected and unacknowledged, Carolyn turns to an unusual source for companionship and appreciation. Her zest for cooking is renewed by her new friend’s unending, gracious appetite. The euphoric cookery grinds to a halt though when her husband catches her sharing an intimate meal with this strange acquaintance.

Refusing to notice the underlying reason for her actions, Donald puts an end to his wife’s dietary indiscretions. Little does he know that if he only would have shown a fraction of her friend’s enthusiasm for her cooking, she never would have slipped the way she had. Nor does he know just how serious his wife’s recent obsession has gotten. As a result Donald will have no choice but to pay attention to Carolyn’s next entrée.

Feeding is a devilishly delicious delight!

This little film bakes a lot of goodness into the final dish while using very few ingredients and a cooking time of only 12 minutes. All you need are two stellar performers, a steady hand with a camera (and a chef’s knife), a twisted little story … and voilà! Fine cinema is served!

You can see Feeding at this year’s Eerie Horror Film Festival or by clicking the link below.

4 out of 5

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