Greatest Show Unearthed, The (Music)

Creature FeatureWritten, Performed, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Creature Feature

Ever wonder what happens when a pair of talented horror-addled musicians get together to let their twisted darkness out on the world? You get a strange carnival that comes to town with a delightfully twisted sense of humor and horror. You also get catchy tunes that speak to any horror fan and sounds like a bizarre combination of 80’s pop and Oingo Boingo.

One thing that is striking about Creature Feature is that, despite their multi-layered sound, there are actually only two people in the band. Eric X (pictured on the left) plays the synthesizer and sampler while Curtis RX (pictured on the right) sings lead vocals and plays his guitar. The sound they manage to get is startling with its richness and complexity, layered with dialogue from horror movies and blistering guitar riffs, complex rhythms and quirky keyboard lines.

Creature Feature
The subject matter of their music is something every horror fan will love. Citing movies from Army of Darkness to Zombie as influences and Danny Elfman, Bruce Campbell and Tim Burton as their heroes, Creature Feature creates wonderfully demented ditties with subjects near and dear to horror fans’ hearts. The title track is about an evil carnival that comes to town, luring children toward an untimely demise. Following is a freakshow of talent, including “Aim For The Head,” which an homage to Night of the Living Dead and every other zombie flick, and “Look to the Skies,” which is a retelling of the plot of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Fans of the deliciously dark world of Edward Gorey (If you don’t know who this is, slap yourself and look him up) will love “A Gorey Demise,” in which the citizens of the neitherworld read off the year’s obituaries with sing-song fun and passion. In that same vein is “Such Horrible Things,” which talks about the life of a really disturbed child who grew to be a REALLY disturbed adult.

Other tracks on the album include “Buried Alive,” an ode to Edgar Allan Poe, and “Bound and Gagged,” which may very well be the most disturbing song on the whole album. There is also “Six Food Deep,” which is about a morbid man contemplating a dead lover, “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth,” in which nature decides to take the earth back in a love-letter to all those old nature-gone-amok movies, and “Corpse in my Bed,” a loving ode to necrophilia.

Another impressive trait of Creature Feature is that this band has chosen to produce their music without the influence of major labels. They made this decision, according to their website, because they didn’t want anyone tampering with their music or message. A good thing too, as their music sounds better than most of what’s out there right now. Those wanting a sample of Creature Feature’s music can hit their MySpace page to have a listen for themselves.

Creature Feature is a new and welcome voice in the genre of “horror rock.” Quirky and talented, their musicianship is second only to their sense of the macabre, twisted, and humor.

Track Listing
1. The Greatest Show Unearthed
2. Aim for the Head
3. Buried Alive
4. Bound and Gagged
5. A Gorey Demise
6. Look to the Skies
7. Six Foot Deep
8. The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
9. A Corpse in my Bed
10. Such Horrible Things

4 out of 5

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