World War Z: The Art of the Film (Book)

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World War Z: The Art of the Film (Book)Published by Titan Books

Written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof

World War Z is a wild zombie adventure that is now in theaters based off the novel by Max Brooks. The story centers around a United Nations employee named Gerry Lane played by actor Brad Pitt. Gerry is tasked with finding the origin of the outbreak and ventures in a race against time to find a cure to save his family and all of humanity. World War Z: The Art of the Film is the official companion piece to the movie that is beautifully illustrated with exquisite production art, detailed sketches, and even the full screenplay written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof.

The paperback companion book World War Z: The Art of the Film is 160 pages and shows the making of the film and answers many questions that you may have had about the movie. The book contains the production script, photo stills, illustrations, storyboard sequences, shooting greenscreen, and much more. Fans of the film also get to see how the undead were brought to life through the intricate computer modeling sets for creating the zombies.

World War Z: Art of the Film is divided into 11 sections with an acknowledgment section with most of the pages devoted to the movie’s screenplay. Each section is a place where the zombie action took place in the film with tons of details for that location and part of the film. Another enjoyable aspect of the book is all of the intriguing quotes from the team that worked on World War Z such as director Marc Foster, animation consultant Andrew R. Jones, producer Jeremy Kleiner, and many more.

The screenplay is accompanied throughout the book by beautifully illustrated concept art which gives fans an up-close-and-personal look at the scenes from World War Z. The well-designed layouts will keep you on track as you can be easily distracted by the amazing artwork while you are trying to read the screenplay. Zombie fans who want to avoid the packed theaters to catch the movie will not be disappointed if they just decide to purchase the World War Z: Art of the Film book. The screenplay and art translated great to the big screen, but there is just something a bit more special about having it in your own hands to study for yourself. A movie has to stay on track and be moved along accordingly in order to finish in its allotted amount of time. However, fans can take as much time as they need on each section or scene with World War Z: Art of the Film.

The scariest part of the book is the “Zombies” section, which provides a detailed look at the flesh-eaters. It was really hard to see all of this detail in the film since they were usually moving in large hordes at an incredibly fast pace. There are even a couple of pages entitled “Tools” about the various weapons used to fight off these undead cannibals. I thought that was pretty cool.

If you ever wanted to go behind-the-scenes of World War Z, then you have to pick up World War Z: The Art of the Film. The book gives the reader a better idea of how World War Z came together from the screenplay to the art. Whether you have watched the movie or not, World War Z: The Art of the Film is a perfect addition to any horror fan’s collection and is a beautifully interesting read.

4 out of 5

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    was just joking but they actually got the Gerry Lane action figure at Toys R us and it looks nothing like Brad Pitt, didn’t see that coming!

  • Diavolo

    It would have been great if this book turned out to be nothing like the film.


    Next up Brad Pitt Gerry action figure!!!please give us your $$$