World War Z (Video Game)

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World War Z (Video Game)Developed by Phosphor Games Studio

Published by Paramount Digital Entertainment

Rated M for Mature

Available for iOS (reviewed) and Android

The World War Z film will release across theaters on June 21st, and to celebrate that then Paramount Digital Entertainment has released the game for iOS devices. Although many players may expect your typical zombie killing game–World War Z manages to rise way above that and be something a little more.

The first thing you will notice about World War Z is the high definition graphics which manage to look amazing on your iPad devices. World War Z revolves around one key element which is to protect and save your family during this invasion of undead. You will travel around the world in over 28 levels and face off against zombies in an all out war against the undead. You are tasked with a race against time were you must save your loved ones all the while trying to stay alive yourself in the process.

World War Z rises above being just another movie tie-in and offers an action packed story and is overall a solid mobile shooter. The game blends shooting aspects with that of exploratory elements to help a father find his son during a zombie pandemic. You will scavenge through abandoned buildings, destroyed streets and rumble to solve puzzles across each chapter in order to move forward. Players are rewarded with experience points every time they pick up certain objects which can be redeemed for upgrades and weapons. If you wish to rack up a little more points then you can try out the challenge mode were you can try to get the ultimate high score.

The intricate story mode in World War Z will have you facing off hordes of zombies as you move across chapters of the game. You can either use ranged or melee weapons to strike down the undead in combat. The one flaw here is that you can not move during combat and can only aim your gun to shoot. While there are little problems encountered during shooting–you may find that the controls are a little unresponsive when trying to use melee weapons. These moments of unresponsive and wonky controls can often lead to having to restart a level because it cost your life in return. Basically, melee combat becomes so aggravating that you try to avoid it all together because of the lack of checkpoints and the randomness of the zombie attacks.

World War Z has some stunning visuals and gives you some insight into its world with amazing cutscenes that will get anyone excited for the upcoming game. World War Z is not a very polished game when it comes to the game’s combat system but is worth a shot for those looking to kill a little time until the film’s release.

World War Z is now available for iOS and Android devices for the MSRP of $4.99. To learn more, visit the official World War Z App page.


  • Single Player
  • 28 Visceral Levels
  • Intense Combat
  • Engaging Puzzles

    3 out of 5

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      They turned WWZ in to a video game, so it’s only natural they make a video game.