Feral (Book)

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Feral (Book)Written by Matt Serafini

Published by Severed Press

In his first novel, Feral, Dread Central’s own Matt Serafini takes readers into the world of the werewolf, but not in the traditional sense. Feral isn’t your typical “murders by the full moon” werewolf story, but instead explores the darker side of the stories that we are already familiar with. Add in some pretty kick-ass characters, and Feral was one of my favorite novels that I’ve read recently.

Jack and Allen have been friends forever, and when their perfect summer vacation getaway takes a turn for the worse, it’s up to Jack to find out a way to not only rescue his friend from “true love” but figure out a way to deal with things that go bump in the night.

Luckily for Jack, he’s not forced to be on his own attempting to hunt the supernatural. Feral sports some pretty great supporting players, including Amanda Church, a character that reminded me quite of bit of everyone’s favorite vampire slayer. The rest of the supporting cast members lend their own background story to Feral, which pushes the novel to a higher level. I actually cared about the characters and wanted to see the “good guys” win and the “bad guys” lose.

For his first novel, Serafini does an excellent job at drawing in the reader and making his world of Feral (which is primarily New England) as realistic as possible. For a horror story, especially a story about werewolves, Feral doesn’t use gore to fill in spaces or strictly for shock value. Each bite and mutilation is well placed and works with the rest of the story. Feral is sexy, scary, and fun and is guaranteed to take the reader on a great ride.

4 1/2 out of 5

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