NecroFusion (CD)

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TNecroFusion (CD)Music by Zak Bagans and Praga Khan

Released by Zak Bagans Entertainment

Just the fact that you’re reading this site pretty much guarantees that somewhere in your home you have some kind of a Halloween music or haunted sound effects CD. Of course we all do. But Zak Bagans from “Ghost Adventures” has teamed with Praga Khan of The Lords of Acid to create what might be the most chilling, yet intriguing, musical recording of all time.

The new collaboration between Bagans and Khan, NecroFusion, is not only a creepy CD, but it’s got to be the only collection of music to actually include contributions from beyond the grave. The CD features 11 tracks of electronic dance music that use not only Bagans’ voice but also actual EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recorded from the spirit world by Bagans as part of each song. The combination of Khan’s music with Bagan’s voice and EVP recordings makes for an incredibly haunting, otherworldly experience.

Fans of techno music will no doubt dig the heavy beats laid down on this CD. The rhythmic melodies are driving and darkly fun. However, hearing Bagans speaking with spirits and having them respond via his SB7 Spirit Box recording device takes a spooky sounding musical track and makes it downright chilling. There are notes with each song that describe the situation Bagans was in when the EVP was captured. They are very clear, and you can easily make out what the voices are saying. For those who have any trouble understanding what’s being said, Bagans lays out the entire scenario as well as quotes of what each spirit said. It’s a very comprehensive collection of ghost hunting wrapped in a yummy techno shell.

Some of the standout tracks on the CD include the opening number entitled “In My Dungeon,” where Bagans confronts his personal demonic attachment and possessive female spirit attachment in a chamber he created in his own home just for studying them. The track “Demonator” is one of the more impressive musical numbers with a seriously kick-ass groove. The EVP was recorded at Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Kentucky, and it involves a spirit having a little fun with Bagans and his team, mimicking Bagans’ own voice. And for a slight change of pace you can check out “Poor Pearl,” which features Bobby Mackey. This song includes a honkytonk element infused into the techno in a way that actually works. The story behind this EVP is a tragic one about a girl named Pearl Bryan, who was decapitated by two devil-worshipers in a blood sacrifice in the exact building where this song was recorded. Bagans seems to get a response from one of the potential killers in the song. And again on this track the music is very impressive.

The track with the most powerful spiritual communication is “Room 20,” where Bagans checks into the Oasis Motel in Las Vegas and says in Room 20, where the actor David Strickland committed suicide in 1999. You can clearly hear a conversation between Bagans and the spirit, who may indeed have been Strickland. The EVP captures the voice saying “Hi, Zak,” and even responds properly when asked the name of the motel…“Oasis.”

If you’re into electronic dance music, you’re going to dig NecroFusion. And if you’re into ghost hunting adventures, you’re going to enjoy this as well. If you happen to be the perfect storm of techno freak and “Ghost Adventures” junkie, this CD is going to blow you away. For the rest of us, it’s got some jamming songs (although the music gets a bit repetitive if electronic dance tunes aren’t your thing) and definitely delivers every one in a creepy fashion. For some this will be a great addition to their Halloween music collection; for others this is going right into their regular every day rotation.

Track Listing

  • In My Dungeon
  • Good or Evil
  • Poor Pearl (feat. Bobby Mackey)
  • Immortal Portal
  • Sing for Me
  • Dead Awaiting
  • They Are Talking
  • Demonator
  • Room 20
  • Dark Frequency
  • Eleven Heaven

    4 out of 5

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