Here Comes the Devil (2012)

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Here Comes the Devil (2012)Starring Laura Caro, Francisco Barreiro, Alan Martinez, Michele Garcia

Directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano

Director Adrian Garcia Bogliano unleashed his latest horror film, Here Comes the Devil, to an unsuspecting audience at the Toronto International Film Festival awaiting the next foray into the possession horror sub-genre that has been recently winning over filmgoers this summer with the most recent releases of Lovely Molly and The Possession.

Viewers will be easily deceived by the vicious nature of the film after the attention-grabbing opening sequence involving two lustful lesbians having their lovemaking session interrupted after a machete-wielding maniac invades their apartment. However, it should be noted that Here Comes the Devil is more of a drama than a horror film, and although that may disappoint some, it doesn’t make the events shown onscreen any less terrifying.

The story follows married couple Sol (Caro) and Felix (Barreiro) on a family trip with their two children. When the children decide to play near the caves of Tijuana, the couple decide to take the time to reignite their now passionless marriage by having some steamy fun in their car. After many hours pass and the children still haven’t returned, their worlds are quickly turned upside down when they discover their children are now missing.

Luckily, the next day their children are remarkably returned safely without any explanation. The parents are thankful until they start discovering their kids are no longer who they used to be, and after they find possible signs that their children were sexually abused, the pair set off to take revenge on the culprit. Although the fear of sexual abuse should be the least of the couple’s worries as there is something dark and demonic behind their children’s transformations, and it is merciless and out for blood.

Like Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock, Bogliano’s film is shot remarkably well and is shrouded with mystery, making it a great nightmarish, atmospheric film even though it lacks the flashier and frightening aspects seen in most films dealing with demonic possession.

Although there is creepy imagery shown onscreen, the most disturbing and controversial part of the film happens off screen and will have viewers gasping and is guaranteed to deeply perturb any parent.

From the eerie storyline, the cinematography and gripping performances from both Laura Caro and Francisco Barreiro, Here Comes the Devil proves to be a powerfully erotic and controversial film that sets itself apart from the cookie-cutter supernatural films as of late.

4 out of 5

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  • G.D.

    Very nicely shot and for the most part well-acted, but I think the over-used zooms and some slightly over the top acting made it veer a little bit towards camp.