Evil Aliens (2005)

Staring Chris (The Last Horror Movie) Adamson, Emily (Cradle of Fear) Booth, Sam Butler, Jennifer Evans

Directed by Jake West

Hey, when JB asks for a review of a movie I felt I should jump at the chance. So, even though my alcohol soaked brain may not have retained a full movie full of facts and I didn’t have the foresight to bring a pad to take notes, here is my humble scribbles for an awesome flick which deserves so much more.

The first thing you’ll probably hear when people begin to talk about this movie, after they stop yelling “It’s Fucking Awesome, dude!” in your face, are the endless references to classic horror and sci-fi flicks supplied throughout the film. Most writer/directors would consider such a move too dangerous and unnecessarily risky. In most cases this would be a major red flag to superstar suckdom. But, seriously, Jake West pulls this off with the utmost respect to the originals and even adds a new layer of blood to these classic moments us fans hold sacred and dear.

The movie begins with with some serious, uh, fuuun with Cat (Jennifer Evans) and boyfriend (Eden Ford) testing out some wacky tobacki and getting busy at the site of a satanic landmark on a Welsh island. After Cat gets the spooks and tries to leave they are confronted by aliens and sucked up into a space craft hovering above, where they are inspected by the less than gentle aliens. If Bush is still president of the US when this film is finally released in the States I can guarentee you will not be seeing this scene in any major theater. It’s brutal, it’s hilarious and it’ll have you watching yer ass all the way home.

This is a film in where we need to recognize the importance of those few, small, family owned, arthouse type theaters because there are several scenes which will NEVER make it passed the freedom loving censors in America when in wider theatrical release. But we can also be thankful for “Deviant” Video Discs”.

Pretty much the entire movie’s second act is like Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive house scene but on a farm. Blood, body parts, and more blood! Very well done! A must see!

Effects wise I was reminded of the Aussie treat Undead and for those of you who saw that gem, Evil Aliens is for the most part on par. There is some CGI but also tons of good old fashioned blood, bile, laughs and some honest horror.

4 out of 5

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