Chopper (Web Series)

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Chopper (Web Series)Starring Tyler Mane, Andrew Bryniarski, Tim Phillipps, John Lewis, Victor Newmark

Directed by J.C. Christofilis

Adapted from the indie comic series of the same name, the web series Chopper tells the story of a Headless Horseman-esque biker who stalks the night, doling out punishment on those deserving of meeting his merciless blade.

Directed by J.C. Christofilis, who also wrote the story, adapting it from an original screenplay by Martin Shapiro, Chopper is a nine-episode web series that at times displays some incredible special effects, but at other times feels like a commercial for the series’ sponsors.

Chopper stars horror big boys Tyler Mane and Andrew Bryniarski, and the best scenes in the series focus on their conflict. Mane stars as the vengeful headless biker (he’s properly headed in flashback scenes), and Bryniarski is a badass drug-dealing, pain-inflicting menace. A second storyline features Tim Phillipps as Eric, a roadie for the Mayhem Music Festival, who is homesick and missing his girlfriend and then has to deal with a serious loss as the series concludes. The storylines don’t intersect during the first season of Chopper, but they come very close and will certainly be drawn together in Season 2.

Aside from the entertaining performances of Mane and Bryniarski, the best thing about Chopper is, as you would expect, the punishment doled out by the headless biker. And the price of meeting this demon is the same every time. Your head. There are some incredible decapitation scenes in this series, and they seem to improve as you get deeper into the story, culminating with a magical F/X moment in the finale. The series is also interlaced with a great metal soundtrack that completely fits the feel of Chopper.

That being said, there are some shortcomings in the series that are hard to overlook. First and foremost is the fact that at several points during the series it’s quite obvious who the sponsors behind the project are, as they are repeatedly splashed in front of the viewer. The Mayhem Music Festival, the band Machine Head and Sullen Clothing are constantly given screen time and mentions, nearly ad nauseam. Additionally, at times the acting feels very stiff, nearly forced, which really hurts the realism of the series.

However, if you can look past things like repeated mentions of Rockstar Energy Drink and a stiff actor here and there, you can enjoy some very impressive decapitation scenes, which completely make the series worth watching. There is no shortage of impressive visual effects in Chopper, and they drive the film. The decapitations are great, and Bryniarski orchestrates a torture scene that is toe-curlingly brutal. As the series is only just over an hour long, the kills-per-minute rate is impressively high.

Overall Chopper is an entertaining series. The episodes are short and to the point, and the action is constant. There is no down time in Chopper. The obvious over-exposure of the sponsors and the multiple stiff characters do detract from the series, but if you’re just looking for a project that is loaded with cool effects work, a simple but effective storyline and killer metal music, then you’ll be happy with Chopper.

2 1/2 out of 5

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  • justinattheVS

    So I have to admit never heard of this before now. But now after watching some I’m hooked. You guys at Dredd never cease to amaze me. Ive been a quite bystander just reading and enjoying your articles but no longer, I have a log in. Keep up the great work! As a fellow writer (albeit not as good as yall) I can appreciate the time and effort you put into your articles.
    Now I have to go and finish watching so I can write up my own!! keep it up!

  • MonsterMash

    Its got good F/X. But I agree on the advertising stuff. Why not have a promo play right before the show starts? “Brought to you by a Piss in a Can and Sullen Clothing.” and that is your advertising. Not a bad show though.

  • DilemmaLA

    I’m sure Dread Central is totally opposed to having some of our fans discover their site and share our enthusiasm and support for both CHOPPER and the other great horror coverage that is generated here by my friends at DC. Since when is it a crime to promote Vanvance1? You clearly have never vested a lot of time, energy and passion into a project that you care enough to share to the world. Take a chill pill- or don’t and keep on trolling. Other than compelling me to write this final response, your vitriol doesn’t phase me or our fans. Signing off, again, respectfully! 🙂 JC

    • Vanvance1

      Spoken like a spambot. Ass kissing the DC staff and insulting me doesn’t make your organized spamming of this review any less worthy of contempt.

      Your approach is no different than the ‘as seen on tv’ advertisements for worthless junk. Endless hyperbole and a pretense of passion masking simple greed, all so you can hawk energy drinks.

  • bnchile

    Chopper has it all…action, gore, big scary guys. A feel of intensity with a dash of suspense and a whole lotta @$$ kicking. Gonna try to spread the word for ya guys. Itll be my pleasure to tell my friends and cyber friends about this.

    • Vanvance1

      The other thing Chopper has is a creator who’s a marketing shill, telling friends whom I’ve never seen leave comments on DC to log on and hype up the review.

      • The Woman In Black

        Before you jump to such a conclusion, you may have missed that we’re running a contest in conjunction with the Chopper folks in which people are asked to comment on the show and share their remarks via Facebook/Twitter. That could be why we’ve seen some new people coming around.

        • DilemmaLA

          Thank you for the added clarification The Woman in Black. The CHOPPER team has definitely been promoting on our end, but you are absolutely correct that our mutual efforts may be bringing in new DC readers from multiple sources. That would be ideal! Broadening our audience is never a bad thing- sure you all feel the same! JC

    • DilemmaLA

      You rock bnchile!!!

  • jenniefur

    I had so much fun watching CHOPPER and wasn’t distracted by the sponsors at all!

  • DilemmaLA

    Thanks for the great review Doctor Gash– happy you enjoyed the F/X and found the series entertaining overall!! To Vanvance1, myself and many others would respectfully disagree with your position. Smart consumers have been programmed to simply tune out basic, boring advertising. The fact remains that advertising will always be a part of life… and I am proud that my company is pioneering the emergence of branded entertainment properties that subtly reflect the values of our client’s key demos. Without Rockstar Energy and Sullen Clothing, CHOPPER would have never been possible. Our savvy and passionate fans are clamoring for cool, fun, innovative and immersive entertainment. And, for the most part, there has been little pushback from the manner in which the Mayhem Festival was organically interwoven into the storyline. Successful brands know how to authentically connect with their fans/consumers and it explains why the Mayhem Festival and Sullen have been kicking ass and taking names in recent years. And it further explains 1 million+ views on the series so far…our fans have spoken and we’ll continue to listen as we develop Season 2 and the Feature Film. Thanks! JC

  • Vanvance1

    Few things are more distracting or loathesome than advertising. Years ago Return of the Killer Tomatoes spoofed what modern movie makers are doing today.

    Smart companies would credit their audiences with some degree of intelligence and would settle for a splash page stating they helped to fund this entertainment thus creating good will towards the company and their products. That’s opposed to jamming themselves in every which way they can and becoming an ongoing annoyance.