Halloween Kid, The (Short, 2012)

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The Halloween KidStarring Leo Donnelly, Anna Walton, Dave Legeno, Julian Glover; narrated by Derek Jacobi

Directed by Axelle Carolyn

The Halloween Kid is a seven-minute short that any regular reader of Dread Central can certainly relate to and appreciate. It deals with a young boy named Henry, who just happens to be able to see the monsters, ghosts and spooks that everyone else seems to overlook. The people around him constantly crap on him because he seems distracted, when actually he’s looking at a skeleton, monster in the closet or some other beastie come to life.

There is very little dialogue in the short, as most of the story is driven by the narrator, Derek Jacobi. He reads a Dr. Seuss-esque poem throughout The Halloween Kid, telling the tale of young Henry. Leo Donnelly plays the lad nicely. Although he has no lines, his facial expressions and body language enjoyably reflect his emotions. Henry’s tormentors, including his mum (Anna Walton), teacher (Julian Glover) and baseball coach (Dave Legeno), all humorously frustrate the young boy as he finds his attention torn between his everyday responsibilities and the monsters that only he can see.

But, as the narrator says, “There’s one time of year he loves to play outside,” and we get a look at just why Henry loves Halloween. An empowering ending to the short makes it that much more enjoyable.

There’s no real horror here. The monsters, although a bit creepy, are more fun than anything else. The film is a very good piece for younger fans of Halloween to check out and relate to. There’s excellent use of music and an overall enjoyable feel. Nothing here will keep you awake at night, but The Halloween Kid is cute and endearing. Certainly worth a look.

3 out of 5

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  • Doctor Gash

    Right now the filmmakers are submitting The Halloween Kid to several festivals. Your best is to check on festival listings. However, after the inital festival pitches are finished, we’ll see if we can’t convince them to allow us to post the film in its entirety right here at Dread Central. Keep an eye out!

  • HVHalloweenQueen

    How would one see this movie. It looks very cute! I would like to share it with my FB fans.