Father’s Day (2012)

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Father's Day

Written and directed by Astron-6

Starring Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Amy Groening, Garrett Hnatiuk, Lloyd Kaufman

This was the first movie I saw at this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend. I was tired from a long day wandering the con, but I was absolutely ready for a good time. This thing had won awards, had strong reviews, and had the main men of Rue Morgue magazine introducing it and endorsing it.

I’m saying that because I want everyone to be clear on my state of mind and being when I say what I’m about to say.

This is one of the most reprehensible, boring, worthless pieces of cinematic horseshit I’ve ever sat through.

Filmmaking/acting troupe Astron-6 were given $10,000 to make a movie based on a fake trailer they’d made, and Father’s Day is the result. The story is hard to relate in any sensible way, but there’s a guy named Fuchman (say it phonetically…yeah, I know) going around raping dads before dismembering them and eating parts of them. After teen gay prostitute Twink (more subtlety) loses his dad to the killer, he grabs his father’s priest and finds Ahab, a man who thought he killed Fuchman years before. Together they discover an incredibly silly plot by Satan himself. I can’t describe that plot, because it never made any sense to me. I actually don’t think they even bothered to lay it out.

What you have are 90 minutes of guys being sodomized for comedic value, tons of low-budget gore, and low-brow humor that most other Troma films would consider beneath them.

Look. I know I’m in the minority here. I’d say most of the audience ate this up like candy. A couple guys near us were in tears from laughing so hard. I’m willing to admit this doesn’t make an OUNCE of sense to me. People would die laughing, and I’d look around wondering what happened, because nothing even remotely funny happened on the screen. But you know what? DANE COOK sells out ARENAS, so this shouldn’t surprise me.

Don’t pass this off thinking I’m easily offended, hate low-brow humor, or am a movie snob. I’m a guy who has watched Stone and Parker’s Cannibal: The Musical dozens of times, without the commentary track. I was raised on a steady diet of Airplane, Naked Gun, and Kentucky Fried Movie. I watched the uncut version of A Serbian Film without being outraged.

This just struck me as some particularly untalented guys being given $10,000 and a video camera and trying to be funny for 90 minutes. And failing. It’s not interesting, it’s not amusing, it’s not entertaining. The acting is bad, the writing is non-existent, the direction is on par with the absolute worst Troma features. I laughed -twice-. Both of them at gags by Troma main man Lloyd Kaufman, who shows up as God, and is generally entertaining doing just about anything. He’s entertaining here, both minutes he’s on screen. I’d rather have 90 minutes of Kaufman hamming it up as his bent version of the Almighty than the rest of this crap.

If you’re a huge fan of comedic sodomy, this is the movie for you. (I bet that will wind up being a blurb on the DVD case.) Otherwise, just go watch ANY other Troma movie, and you’ll have a better time. Watch one involving the Toxic Avenger or Sgt Kabukiman, and you’ll have a MUCH better time.

1/2 out of 5 (1/2 for Kaufman)

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  • valdamirie

    There is only one word to describe this movie, BRILLIANT.

  • Terminal

    I agree with Mr. Dark. “Father’s Day” is garbage. I could barely finish it.

  • Kyle Reese

    Oh man, such an unfortunate review! The only thing I can think of is you really expected a “normal” linear movie from Father’s Day, this is anything but.

    I can agree that the movie is particularly low brow, but that was really the aim here. These are the only guys making “grindhouse” movies with the actual budget of a grindhouse movie, and their effort really show on screen when you consider the budget. The acting is inconsequential; it’s supposed to be hammy and poorly delivered. How do you now laugh at the conversation between the priest and the hero in car about the syrup? That shit made me laugh so hard – but I was already completely on board at that point so I can see the confusion if you didn’t get it coming in.

    I suppose it best to warn folks that this is bad somewhat for the sake of it, though the Troma label should give that away.

    I really think that there should be an alternate review for this movie man; it’s not fair to the Astron-6 guys at all because they put out good work with zero dollars and this is going to make people even more standoffish towards them.

    • Mr. Dark

      One thing I have to chime in here: the concept the ‘it’s supposed to suck, that makes it good’ stopped working about 10 years ago. Entertain me or go away. Filmmaking isn’t some sort of contest where you see who can make an intentionally ‘grindhouse’ movie for the least amount of money.

      Protip: grindhouse happened because that’s what they had to work with, it wasn’t because snarky guys who think they’re hilarious slap a faux scratchy filter on their movie and pretend it was shot in the 70’s. Grindhouse isn’t even a genre. It was an era of time.

      None of that scores any points with me as a critic or as a viewer. It’s easy, it’s lazy, and it’s inherently insulting to me. I appreciate a grade-z movie that’s an honest-to-goodness so-bad-its-silly flick. There’s nothing honest about Father’s Day, it’s entirely manufactured. The film stock isn’t bad because they were broke, it’s bad because of post-processing. The acting, even according to you, isn’t bad because they couldn’t afford actors, it’s bad because they -intended- it to be bad. So some guys intentionally make a bad movie? Big shocker: I’m gonna say it’s a bad movie.

    • Mr. Dark

      I will say, however, that I’m willing to bet that 8 out of 10 of the other reviewers on Dread Central would disagree with me, probably in a big way.

      • streetloaf

        I can understand not enjoying feaux-grindhouse movies, but “the most reprehensible thing you’ve ever seen” That’s going a little far dont you think?

  • nonserviam03

    This sounds like the reaction I had to Dark Shadows

    But yeah, I completely disagree. I found Father’s Day to be pretty damn entertaining, especially the final act of the movie. After seeing Manborg (another Astron-6 feature) I’m on board to see whatever these guys do next.

  • Terminal

    Oh man. I have this in my pile for my site. I hope I enjoy it more than you did.

    • Mr. Dark

      That’s not only possible, it’s likely. Look at the FB comments to this piece, I’m getting raped more than the men in the flick. I even admit in the review I’m in the minority. It bored me and pissed me off. (Ask Creepy how he feels about indie found footage movies, and that’s how I feel about indie faux-grindhouse knockoffs.)