Till Death Do Us Part (Short, 2012)

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Till Death do us PartStarring Kevin Hoffer, Amalia Holl, Lee DeBroux

Directed by Julian Lara

There may be no more stressful time in the life of a young couple than waiting in the wings of a church preparing to take the plunge and make that lifelong commitment of marriage. It’s a difficult enough situation in its own right, but add in a bloodthirsty zombie horde, and you really have some issues.

This is the situation in Julian Lara’s short film Till Death Do Us Part. The 13-minute film is a dark comedy set in Los Angeles circa 1985. A soon-to-be bride and groom are dealing with their separate pre-wedding issues in their own way before something, a whole horde of somethings actually, intrudes on the ceremony. And hilarity ensues.

Writer/director/producer Lara is well-known in his home country of Spain for his Deadhunter films, but Till Death Do Us Part is his first film in English (with Spanish subtitles). The camerawork itself is very nicely done and the film has a very clean look to it. The practical effects, including the zombie makeup, are quite good as well.

The film revolves around the wedding couple, Lisa (Amalia Holl) and Joseph (Kevin Hoffer), but all the best lines go to the attending priest, played by veteran actor Lee DeBroux, with the topper being a cool nod to Dawn of the Dead that will get a chuckle out of all you zombie fans out there.

The story is amusing, nothing groundbreaking or incredibly original, but it’s a decent vehicle for Lara to display his directorial skills. The F/X are fun, and the film will give you a couple laughs. It won’t be the movie that sticks with you for days, but Lara is currently shopping Till Death Do Us Part to film festivals, and if you get a chance to check it out, it’s definitely worth a look.

3 1/2 out of 5

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