Pink Sock (Short, 2011)

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Pink SockStarring Charles Pieper, Jessica Bailey

Directed by Josh Schneider

Toilet humor isn’t the easiest thing to pull off without feeling forced. Too often it’s a way for directors to get people talking – a misguided effort to make their film stand out without actually earning it. Pink Sock may seem like that kind of movie at first glance, but to dismiss it as such would be shortchanging it.

The simple narrative centers around Yosef (Charles Pieper), a young man plagued by mysterious stomach troubles. The doctors say it’s an extreme case of diarrhea, but rapid weight loss and sexual dysfunction say otherwise. His girlfriend (Jessica Bailey) isn’t too happy with the way their latest sexcapade has gone and Yosef suddenly finds himself rushing off to the bathroom where…well, you just have to see it.

Yes, Pink Sock is disgusting. Considering the action culminates in and around a toilet bowl, it’s sort of easy to guess at the kind of scatological madness writer/director Josh Schneider indulges in. There will be corn! But what sells this so well is that the cast doesn’t pander or overact. It’s played straight and the movie is refreshingly devoid of the kind of self-awareness that typically sinks over-the-top indie shorts such as this. And while we’re tackling a disgusting subject here, it never feels like we’re at the mercy of a filmmaker who can’t go beyond smearing some shit around.

Plus, it’s stylish! Well-shot and equipped with a kinetic energy that makes the five minute length zip by, there isn’t a dull moment or a wasted shot. Schneider knows his audience and levels his production squarely at them. As such, Pink Sock boasts ample doses of nudity, gore and one hell of a charming stop motion creature. Imagine the most compact Frank Henenlotter production ever made and you’ve got a good idea what to expect from Pink Sock.

The world of horror/exploitation needs more efforts like Pink Sock; it’s fast, fun and memorable. Play it before a Street Trash/Brain Damage double feature for maximum impact. This may sounds like strange praise considering the material, but Pink Sock is undeniably well done. A pure dose of exploitation madness that packs more blood, boobs and laughs into five minutes than most of its feature-length peers ever manage.

At the time of this writing, Pink Sock isn’t yet available, but you can head over to the official Facebook Page where a trailer (totally not safe for work) and several stills await your viewing pleasure. Remember this one, folks, it’s worth seeking out for all you sick sons of bitches out there. Recommended!

4 out of 5

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  • Vanvance1

    I want to see this. Too bad short films are so often difficult to find.