Devil Inside, The (2012)

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The Devil InsideStarring Fernanda Andrade, Suzan Crowley, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth, Ionut Grama, Bonnie Morgan

Directed by William Brent Bell

The subject of possession is one of the most heated and debated topics of our time. Can demons seize control over humans, thereby causing great suffering to both themselves and everyone around them, or is it just mental illness? The Catholic Church would have you believe that latter, but let’s face it; some things just cannot be explained, and if there is no such thing as demonic possession, why even train exorcists? Paramount Insurge’s new film The Devil Inside tackles these questions while delivering some genuine scares to kick off the new year.

It all starts with a chilling phone call to police placed by a woman named Maria Rossi (Crowley). She alerts the authorities that she has slain three people. Upon arriving at her home, the police discover a massacre, and once Rossi is in custody, it becomes really apparent that she’s not your ordinary killer. Something is just … off. So off in fact that instead of being imprisoned, she’s shipped off to Italy and locked down in an asylum.

Two decades later her daughter, Isabella (Andrade), has some questions about not only her mother and the crimes she has committed but also whether or not her mental illness runs in the family. After digging a bit, it turns out that her mom had killed the three victims while they were performing an exorcism on her. This raises a whole new set of questions, and Isabella is determined to find out exactly what happened that grisly evening and what is currently happening with her mother.

To get answers, she and her filmmaker friend, Michael (Grama), travel to the Centrino Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Italy, where her mother has been locked away. Their objective? Figure out if her mother is mentally ill or demonically possessed. While in Rome, our pair meet up with two young exorcists (Quarterman, Helmuth) who convince the duo that in order to understand what is happening with Maria, they first have to understand what possession is. From there our group of truth-seekers end up taking one hell of a ride into the mouth of darkness where science and religion collide into a crescendo of terror.

Possession flicks are really hard to pull off effectively because of the shadow of the giant 400-pound gorilla in the room known as The Exorcist. If you go too far, you’re ripping it off. If you don’t go far enough, your flick is labeled boring. It truly is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of problem for a filmmaker to have to face. Thankfully, director William Brent Bell walks the fine line between inspiration and imitation with nary a misstep. The Devil Inside is an effective thriller that’s guaranteed to send some solid chills down the spines of audiences. It’s only real shortcomings come from the cinéma vérité shooting style it utilizes. Though not in abundance, the usual pitfalls of the technique are present and accounted for along with a couple of horror movie clichés that serve to temporarily snap you briefly out of the otherwise immersive experience. Yes, sometimes our characters will make questionable choices that will lead to all sorts of bad things, but once you see how well said things are executed, you can for the most part forgive them.

For all those out there whose main complaints about cinéma vérité style films is that the camera is too shaky and you really never see anything, do not worry. The camera work never gets too out of hand, and when the shocks and scares do come, they hit like a punch to the jaw.

The film is loaded with nightmarish moments that will have people both shrieking and averting their eyes. A special mention has to go out to Bonnie Morgan, who plays the character of Rosa, and of course Suzan Crowley, who, much like Lorna Raver did in Drag Me to Hell, completely steals the show. These ladies go above and beyond the call of spooky with their performances, and there’s no way this flick would have been as effective without them.

While not perfect, this tale of possession hits way more than it misses and follows perfectly in the footsteps of the Paranormal Activity franchise, proving that more can be done with passion and imagination than with an inflated budget. The Devil Inside is home to moments that will shock, scare, disturb, and leave you gasping. It’s a trip to the dark side that’s well worth taking. No matter what you believe in … say your prayers.

3 1/2 out of 5

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  • Styling Shatner

    Well, as I listen to the newest DFF right now, I figured I should comment as I saw the movie last weekend at a drive-in, of all places.

    Not to join the majority but I thought the movie was crap too. I wasn’t spitting mad (literally) but I had heard the bad reviews so I was expecting to be disappointed. And hey, I thought it wasn’t a good movie. I wasn’t creeped out or scared or filled with terror or what have you. It was just dull and the characters were annoying. I have no desire to ever watch it again.

    I also thought the ending was crap and they should have done it in a better way… which is also what I have to say about the website they wanted you to go to. I haven’t gone through all these comments yet but that website being done to look like an incredibly amateur affair (with misspellings and even a continuity error concerning where that documentary filmmaker filmed his first movie) and of course NOT resolving the story as at least teased with the message at the end of the film… THAT offended me more than the ending itself.

  • muncheez_247

    Since when have Possessed People become Contortionists, it looks freakin’ ridiculous. Well, at least the contortionist world is getting some work

    • Shambling_in_Bandages

      Since as far back as ‘The Exorcist’, so they’ve only been doing it for about 40 years at this point.

  • PrairieGhost

    This is the best shit ever! I can’t wait for DFF…

    • Terminal

      I may have to check it out myself, and I never listen to podcasts. I’d love to hear UC rationalize his love for The Devil Inside.

      • Uncle Creepy

        First off, I have no love for the movie. If anything I’m merely amused by the hyperbolic hatred for the flick.

        • Masked Slasher

          Well, to be fair, 3 1/2 knives DOES indicate a strong LIKE at the very least. 🙂

  • James Coker

    hahahaha First Uncle Creepy for Devil Inside, then Kasch’s TCM:Beginning now lets all attack Foy some more for Gingerdead man hahaha

  • James Coker

    BUZ i looked up Kasch’s extremely positive review of TCM:beginning (its boggling my mind) and theres no comments what so ever below on the page

    • Jon Condit

      That’s because the review predates this site’s comment system and was imported from the old Dread.

    • Sirand

      In full disclosure, I’ve recanted that positive review after a second viewing. Not sure what the hell I was smoking.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Stick to your guns, pussy.

        • Jon Condit

          I wish we had a like button. I would use it so much right now.

          • Sirand

            Those are my guns: TCM:TB is mediocre as hell. Although still better than the remake.

          • Uncle Creepy

            No, those are guns that have been refurbished after you decided not to man-up and stand behind your words. Take your nuts outta your purse, fruit loop!

          • Sirand

            Wrong again, Mr President of the Devil Inside fan club! Those were the guns I refurbished to shoot straight after I got drunk and blew my toe off! *gropes balls*

          • Uncle Creepy

            Continue to float cock-eyed in the murky sea of denial. A man only gets one setta guns, pardner!

          • Genrewriter

            Just use the excuse that you’re a huge R. Lee Ermey fan if it comes up on the next DFF. Pretty much the only reason I can think of to see either one of them, really.

  • Jon Condit

    I enjoyed the creepiness of certain scenes. I think what it got right, it REALLY got right. But a handful of creep scenes doesn’t make a solid film.

    My reservations about the movie have always been it goes from 0-60 in a split second and for no discernible reason. As well as key elements and subplots just wandering off into the background scenery.

    That said I didn’t understand all the hate this film is getting. It wasn’t THAT bad. But then I began to realize this film’s only real sin just happens to be a cardinal one. There is little to no pay off, bordering on the side of “no pay off”. Audiences feel cheated.

    Had The Devil Inside come to a stellar and solid ending people would not be so angry or negative toward the film and may have otherwise liked it. In fact I would bet good money on that. Had this movie ended with a decent resolution the film would have gained a lot of support from mainstream audiences.

    But this is not the case. The ending is so abrupt and resolves nothing. It is almost like the power went out in the theater and the owners decided to not refund your tickets.

    If I had to rate it as is I would give it a 2.5 because I really personally enjoy exorcism films.

    In my eyes to deserve the rating UC gave it, The Devil Inside requires a much more resolute ending.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Yay more wood for the fire! I’m waiting to be randomly punched in the face by a Jehovah’s witness next.

      • Jon Condit

        Hey I’m not railing on you like these other people 😀

  • James Coker

    …I don’t think I’ve ever seen one horror movie here on this website that has had this long of a comment board and this much “attacks” on one person…WOW 🙂

    • Uncle Creepy

      It’s okay, dude. I’m all about battle damage! LOL

    • The Buz

      Go find the reviews for TCM: The Beginning, Shark Swarm, and AVP:R

  • Masked Slasher

    Saw it this afternoon. Certainly not good, but hardly the worst thing ever. I realize that it’s faint praise, but it held my attention for a very brisk 75 minutes. Plus, its hard to completely hate a film where a possessed priest tries drowning an infant.

    I just thought it was a so-so verite flick that would’ve instantly been forgotten had it not been for the middle finger ending.

  • Billz

    If this film is as bad as everyone says, then why did it make $34 million on its opening weekend?

    If you continue to act like sheep, then Hollywood will continue to treat you like sheep.

    • Foywonder

      “If this film is as bad as everyone says, then why did it make $34 million on its opening weekend?”

      Marketing. Lack of competition. The general masses not bothering to read reviews before going to see it. Happens all the time. Ask this question again next weekend when we all see how steep the drop is once word of mouth spreads. Heck, not only did the audience openly jeer the movie at the screening I attended, before I even walked into the theater I heard a teenage girl tell two of her friends that another friend who already saw it said it was terrible and “it doesn’t have an ending, just a web address pops up on the screen.”

  • The Woman In Black

    I’m sure anything I say will be countered with “you’re just sticking up for Steve”, but honestly, I don’t get all the venom directed toward this flick. Is it a masterpiece? Hardly! But I’d says it’s average or slightly above average for this type of found footage film. I went into it not expecting much and, while I would probably not rate it any higher than 3/5, wasn’t nearly as pissed off and disappointed as the people commenting on it here seem to be. It’s definitely worse than The Rite IMO. Sure, the climax was open-ended, but that’s nothing new. Sure, there were things in the trailer that made you think one thing was going to happen when instead it was nothing like that, but again, that’s not new either.

    Overall I thought it provided a few good spooky moments with decent performances that involved me in the characters’ lives just enough that I’d be curious to see what the filmmakers could come up with in terms of a sequel. My main beef was that the actress playing the daughter looks a LOT like Phoebe Tonkin, who plays Faye on The Secret Circle, and I kept waiting for her to talk and act like she does. LOL Really distracting.

    You want to see a film that answers NOTHING? Check out Kill List when you get a chance, and then come back here with a comparison of the two. We watched it fairly soon after The Devil Inside, hoping to somewhat “cleanse” ourselves, but man, all we could think was, “If people are pissed off at TDI, what will they say about THIS one?”

    • Terminal

      I intend to see the kill list, but no matter how bad that is it won’t reduce the pure suckiness of this movie.

      I see a lot of rationalizing and excuses for a site that should be taking this movie and the studio to task. It’s a damn shame people are this easy to fool.

      You and hubby are vastly in the minority on this opinion.

      • The Woman In Black

        Hubby? LOL Shows how much you (don’t) know!

        And if I’m not mistaken, you haven’t even seen TDI, right? So how can you possibly pass judgement on it?

      • Uncle Creepy

        Take the studio to task for what exactly? Putting money behind a low budget film thereby continuing to the leave the door open instead of closed for indie/young filmmakers plying their craft?

        If we took every movie or studio to task for releasing something that someone doesn’t like all you’d see here is complaining. Then again you might really dig that! LOL 😉

  • The Buz

    Holy shit. Literally…Holy Shit. This movie was bad on a level I haven’t seen in a long time.

    There are about 5 different subplots, and main plots from that film…that just aren’t solved. In fact…none of the plots set up in the film are solved.

    I’m not saying I need shit neatly wrapped up for me but when you make a movie, your first act is all about making little promises to the audience. A mystery here, a set up here, etc…

    Your second act is exploring those things. And your third act is paying off those things. Maybe not solving every one of them, but at least exhausting them of their entertainment value.

    This movie just DOESN’T DO ANY OF THAT.

    Oh boy is this going to be an interesting Dinner for Fiends. It may get violent.

  • Sirand

    What a piece of shit. This is not only the the worst found footage movie to see a theatrical release, it’s the leading contender for “Worst Movie of 2012.” It actually made The Rite look like The Exorcist by comparison.

    It’s a movie so dull and unimaginative, they had to build the entire marketing campaign around a throwaway shot of a blind nun that had nothing to do with the plot. And boy, I’ve never seen an audience turn on a movie like they did when the credits came up. If I had paid to see it, I would’ve stormed the ticket booth.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Now that I call bullshit on, The Rite was wretched and had far more wasted potential than this or just about any other film ever could, just by virtue of the fact that the director couldn’t even muster up a good performance from Anthony friggin’ Hopkins.

      Re: The ending …

      I’m not gonna post a spoiler alert because according to everyone, it had no ending. Read on if you don’t care.

      Yes, it was abrupt. Came out of nowhere. But let’s think about it for a second, hyperbole and hatred aside … Let me be clear I am NOT comparing TDI to the following movies, but don’t just about every found footage movie end kind of abruptly?

      – Mike’s in the corner. Heather’s knocked down. Fade to black.
      – Reporter gets pulled into the darkness screaming. Fade to black.
      – Camera dropped preacher marches off to demonic bonfire cross raised high. Fade to black.
      – Micah flies at camera. Katie takes the baby. Newly discovered witch takes the kids upstairs. Fade to black X3.
      – 90 others … final person holding the camera gets knocked down. Fade to black.

      What makes all the characters dying in a demon caused car crash so very frustrating and different? I honestly want to know. In every demonic possession movie the demon has one purpose … make both the host and everyone around the host suffer eventually “wrapping things up” once the host is dead. In the end of TDI the demon was went from Maria to the priest, then from the priest to Isabella, and then from Isabella to the filmmaker driving the car – who once possessed took off his seatbelt and crashed head-on into another car. Everyone suffered. Everyone died. The end.

      Oh and I suppose none of the above mentioned examples cited left any loose ends plot-wise. Gimme a break. It’s kind of comical, really.

      Now don’t get me wrong … I’m NOT defending the flick as I thought it was just pretty good with some effective moments, but the outright hatred of it just bewilders me.

      • nonserviam03

        The issue isn’t that it ends with the car crash. The issue is that it ends with the car crash without ever reaching a climax, wrapping up any of the subplots, or explaining a lot of what it hinted at. Successful found footage movies tend to do at least SOME of that.

        I mean, look at REC. They reach the attic, find old newspaper clippings and recordings that loosely explain why the zombies are running amok, and have a final encounter with “patient zero” so to speak. This all happens BEFORE the reporter drops the camera and is pulled off into darkness. Basically, we reached a satisfying place in the plot before it ends. The problem with The Devil Inside’s ending is that it never reaches a satisfying place before it stops. It just… stops.

        • Uncle Creepy

          Um … The daughter becoming possessed, when the shit hits the fan at the hospital , that was the climax.

          • kiddcapone

            You answered your own question. Why is a demon car crash very frustrating? Because the demons didn’t do exactly what you just said they should do: Make both the host and everyone around the host suffer. If the demon just wanted to kill the host, why not snap the neck or make them jump off a bridge? And why waste decades rotting inside some locked up old lady if you can easily jump body to body? Why possess a body and then kill it within 24 hours? If that was the main goal, demons could kill and wipe out the world’s population in a week and EVIL WINS !!!

            Not to mention, it wasn’t just ONE demon. They made it a point of saying multiple possession of “4 demons” so I took it as one stayed inside the old lady, one jumped into Isabella, one into the preist, and the last one into the filmmaker during the exorcism. It wasn’t one jumping from host to host. So why not just run out into society x3 causing havoc?

            Then throw in the other bits of ridiculousness for fun: The blind nun who had nothing to do with anything. The priest who tries to drown a baby and NO ONE attacks the priest. Seriously, if he pulled that shit with anyone’s kid, the parents would not let him leave ALIVE. The anti-climatic reveal of Isabella being possessed before she was really possesed by having her talk into the camera about the filmmakers parents (showing she had knowledge of something she shouldn’t have known). The fact Isabella killed a nurse in the hospital and NO ONE felt the need to DETAIN HER? They just let her waltz out of there with the preist?

            And if everything else wasn’t a big enough kick in the balls, they end the movie with the car crash and then have the nerve to flash on the screen: FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS SHITTY FAKE MOVIE AND SHITTY FAKE POSSESSION, VISIT THE FOLLOWING FAKE WEBSITE. Really? The movie is over, it sucked ass, and you’re STILL trying to pretend it’s real found footage and want the audience to waste MORE FUCKING TIME going to the web to read more about it after they just wasted 90 fucking minutes?? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ?????

          • Uncle Creepy

            “Because the demons didn’t do exactly what you just said they should do: Make both the host and everyone around the host suffer. If the demon just wanted to kill the host, why not snap the neck or make them jump off a bridge? And why waste decades rotting inside some locked up old lady if you can easily jump body to body?”

            Why waste decades rotting inside of a body? BECAUSE IT WAS MAKING THE HOST SUFFER. Supposedly that’s what demons do. They’re supposedly eternal and don’t punch a time clock. Who knows how long decades feel to a entity that is eternal. Wish I had more answers for you but I’m not a demon.

            “They made it a point of saying multiple possession of “4 demons” so I took it as one stayed inside the old lady, one jumped into Isabella, one into the preist, and the last one into the filmmaker during the exorcism. It wasn’t one jumping from host to host. So why not just run out into society x3 causing havoc?”

            They also made a point of stating that there’s a hierarchy of demons. That’s why it’s important to get the demon’s name. To dispel it and its followers. Some demons have lesser demons who are followers. Followers go along where ever the main demon goes. Maybe that’s why they didn’t go cause 3X the horror. Again, not a demon. Don’t have the demon handbook.

            “The priest who tries to drown a baby and NO ONE attacks the priest. Seriously, if he pulled that shit with anyone’s kid, the parents would not let him leave ALIVE.”

            Before the cameraman stopped filming you see a group of people wrestling the priest to the floor. The aftermath of what happened after those initial seconds was never presented because the filmmaker dropped his camera to go help.

            “The anti-climatic reveal of Isabella being possessed before she was really possesed by having her talk into the camera about the filmmakers parents (showing she had knowledge of something she shouldn’t have known).”

            They were good friends. How do you know she didn’t already know this? For that matter, how do I know she did? I never took this as something she didn’t have previous knowledge of. Moot point.

            As for the website thing … all movies have websites. They created a viral one specifically so fans of this flick would have more to screw around with once the film was done. Who gives a fuck?

          • kiddcapone

            “BECAUSE IT WAS MAKING THE HOST SUFFER. Supposedly that’s what demons do.”

            Exactly! So it made the old lady suffer and then made the priest, cameraguy, and girl suffer for what? A few hours at most?

            “Before the cameraman stopped filming you see a group of people wrestling the priest to the floor. The aftermath of what happened after those initial seconds was never presented because the filmmaker dropped his camera to go help.”

            It was never presented because there was no rational explanation for how the priest just walked out of the situation. Imagine someone trying to drown your infant kid. Do you think you’d just let the guy escape and walk away?

            “They were good friends. How do you know she didn’t already know this? For that matter, how do I know she did? I never took this as something she didn’t have previous knowledge of. Moot point.”

            Not a moot point. It was one of the few things they DID set up. They explained the demon knew about the failed pregnancy (something the old lady couldn’t have known). If Isabella WASN’T possessed at that moment, what would be the point of saying something hurtful about the cameraman when up to that time they were friends? That doesn’t make sense. It was used to show the girl had knowledge of something that even the cameraman didn’t know. Why would she all of a sudden want to tell the guy her mother was fucking around on his dad? Boredom?

            “As for the website thing … all movies have websites. They created a viral one specifically so fans of this flick would have more to screw around with once the film was done. Who gives a fuck?”

            Yes, they do. But that wasn’t how the website was presented. It was just another retarded way to pretend everything you just saw was real and the website gives you more information to followup on the tragedy. Lame!

          • Uncle Creepy

            So wait … you’re mainly pissed because you don’t agree with the actions of the demon? Said creature should have done things differently?

            Again, I’M NOT defending the flick, nor am I trying to convince anyone that it’s better than it actually is. I just find all of the outright knockdown drag out hatred of it both amusing and confounding!

          • kiddcapone

            No, I’m mainly pissed because again I had my hopes up someone would finally get a demonic possession movie right and I left greatly disappointed and embarrassed for the entire horror genre after what I witnessed.

            The entire film was fundamentally and logically flawed…and painfully BORING. You mentioned The Last Exorcism but that ending was set up by the drawing foreshadowing their demise. The Blair Witch was set up by the backstory of the witch putting the victims in the corner. The Paranormal Activity movies slowly built up towards an “oh shit” moment. REC ended by systematically killing off one by one until only the reporter was left.

            The Devil Inside killed everyone at the same time with zero set-up, no resolution of anything, and zero inspiration to be anything special. It was 110 minutes of fake documentary interviews with bad actors and the worst ending in the history of film. The only jump scare in the entire movie was a fucking dog barking!

            What I find amusing and confounding is how a silly throw-away forgettable horror/comedy like Fright Night got shit on because the police didn’t put tape up around a blown-up house but a dead-pan serious demonic possession film can have a patient kill a nurse while in the hospital and they allow her to walk out the door because she was with a priest. TDI script had more holes than a championship golf course…

          • Foywonder

            “Again, I’M NOT defending the flick”

            I find it both confusing and confounding that you keep claiming this in posts in which you are doing just that.

          • Uncle Creepy

            Not defending it, discussing it. Ass.

          • nonserviam03

            You mean all the shit that happens off screen in the other room while you get to watch the thrilling excitement of the cameraman arguing with a nurse? At no point did it feel like a climax, it felt like the second act. It felt like the turning point, like it was building to a climax.

            There were too many threads that never go anywhere, like the priest and his uncle (which is just flat out never explained), the idea of the multiple demons and the fact that they can jump from person to person is introduced right at the end and never explored, and what’s up with the pregnancy thing? It seemed a hell of a lot more important at the time, but it’s never brought up again. Oh, and the mother just disappears off the face of the earth.

            Basically, I kept waiting for ANY of those plots to have a resolution, but none of them ever did, so the movie never reached a satisfying conclusion. When the movie ended, I was still waiting to see where it was going.

          • The Buz

            The more and more I thought about it today…the more I realized that not a SINGLE plot or set up they provided was resolved or explored. NOT ONE.

          • Uncle Creepy

            Pregnancy – this was brought up to show a sign of possession. Maria had no knowledge of her daughters abortion yet when she confronted her she did. Not much to follow up on here. The point was made.

            The demonic transfer thing was talked about several times during the film and the demon(s) transferred several times.

            After the exorcism in the hospital in which the demon jumped to teh priest, Isabella said that her mother was doing much better was in the process of trying to get her moved back to the States, but the hospital was refusing her request to let her out. You must have missed that piece of dialog.

            The Uncle thing … Yeah, it was left up in there. Probably for a sequel. Everyone thinks sequel when making a movie.

          • nonserviam03

            The pregnancy thing still seemed way more important to me, like it was hinting at something, especially with the mother freaking out about it being “against God’s will.” Hell, if they had said something to the effect of “only sinners can be possessed” and then used it as some foreshadowing to her being possessed I’d be ok with it. I might be thinking about this one a bit too much, but to me it felt like it was going to be more important than it turned out to be.

            The demonic transfer thing happened twice. Mother to priest, priest to girl. Both towards the tail end of the movie.

            One piece of throw away dialogue isn’t a satisfying way to do away with one of the most important characters. She still disappeared for the last half of the movie, and even if there’s a reason for it, it’s not satisfying.

            The Uncle thing bothered me the most, since it’s literally just never explained. I really hope this doesn’t get a sequel, but with the surprising box office take… it just might.

            I’m not saying that any of these things are plot holes or anything, I’m just saying that they don’t conclude in a satisfying way. Some movies can pull off ambiguous endings. Cloverfield doesn’t explain a whole hell of a lot, for instance, but with that one I didn’t feel like I was left hanging. It felt intentionally ambiguous. To me, this one felt like a part of the movie was missing.

          • kiddcapone

            I guess I’m the only one but my feeling is there was only ONE transfer of multiple demons. 4 total people were possessed and they made it a point of saying “multiple possessions” with 4 different demons. It could be a coincidence, but I don’t think so.

            I just assumed during the exorcism 3 of the 4 demons escaped into Isabella, the priest, and the cameraman and waited for the right time to manifest. When the priest was possessed in the house, Isabella showed that she also was possessed by making the mean-spirited out-of-character statement about the cameraman’s mom (showing she had knowledge of something concealed just like her mother had knowledge of the undisclosed abortion). So both were possessed at the same time (showing more than one demon) and in the car Isabella was still possessed when the cameraman got possessed (again, showing more than one demon operating at the same time).

            Anyway you slice it, The Devil Inside is fucking horrible.

      • Sirand

        All of the other examples you mentioned had a build-up and climax. They had a structure and mythology that had been well established…not to mention set-pieces that were actually engaging. Even The Last Exorcism’s hokey ending, which I thought ruined an otherwise solid movie, had a basic build-up. What did this have? A group of boring, unbelievable actors babbling generic exposition about exorcisms, a few scenes of women thrashing around on beds, and some last minute random line about “multiple possessions” that is hardly explored.

        So the chick freaked out in a hospital. You call that a climax? If that’s what passes for a third act, then Strawberry Estates must be pretty damn great just by virtue of the fact that ghosts in t-shirts show up at the end. Give me possessed Anthony Hopkins overacting his ass off. At least that was SOMETHING.

        The “ending” to this movie is like watching the Blair Witch Project, if while they were running up to the house, they tripped and fell into a sinkhole and died.

        Seriously, The Saint Francisville Experiment was better made than this.

        • Masked Slasher

          Save this for DFF!

          • The Buz

            I cannot respond to Steve anymore because I’m saving all responses for DFF. Also saving everything he says here and will start pulling quotes from movies he disliked to compare and contrast comments.

            Creepy is about to be the only black kid at a Ted Nugent concert.

          • Uncle Creepy

            Dude, if there were sixteen of you all looking for my head I’d still come out okay. That’s just what I do. Bring it! 😉

          • Masked Slasher

            I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow and love it.

          • The Buz

            If you watch this and maintain that the Fright Night remake is worse I’m disowning both of you.

  • Uncle Creepy

    Even if everyone in the entire world hated this movie, I couldn’t give a shit. I liked it. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t amazing, and I never said that it was anything like that. I don’t back pedal. I don’t have anyone else write reviews who feel differently than I do so we can stay nice and safe within the realm of popular public opinion. It entertained me. I gave it what I felt it deserved, and I stand by every word of it. Give me all the shit that you want, I’ll never apologize for diggin’ on what I dig, nor do I have to defend it.

  • James Coker

    Kiddcapone what was youre beef with Grave Encounters? Ill admit the first half of the film Drags a bit

  • James Coker

    and Kiddcapone You said youre DONE with the shaky cam bullshit out now. (I know its completely annoying now and done to death) BUT I have to say Give the films “TROLLHUNTER” and “GRAVE ENCOUNTERS” a chance

    • kiddcapone

      I saw them both. Trollhunter was okay. After about an hour the novelty wore off and the movie dragged on with the exception of a few funny moments.

      Grave Encounters was total shit from start to finish.

      • Vanvance1

        Grave Encounters has a few decent ideas. I think they were even trying to make things scary. They didn’t come very close but I sensed they were trying.

  • James Coker

    hahaha Foy I knew you would React to that one 🙂

  • kiddcapone

    Steve, were you high when you wrote this review? Really? I mean, really? I swear, the end credits rolled and the jam packed audience LAUGHED. They fucking laughed LOUD. I’m quite positive that is not the reaction everyone involved was hoping for. Here is a serious movie about demonic possession and everyone felt so ripped off and unsatisfied they booed and laughed about being suckered into another one of these goddamn found footage pieces of garbage. I admit, I joined in. I let out a “holy fuck” and laughed with everyone else.

    The Devil Inside is Apollo 18 in Rome. Holy fuck was it dull. 85% of the goddamn movie was bad dialogue and shitty acting. Everything was telegraphed. Once they said about multiple demons, and the priest was acting weird, I knew he was going to drown the kid and everyone would be possessed. The one thing I didn’t see coming was the uber ridiculous anti-climatic ending. I swear, when the asshole was driving the car and the bitch was going bat shit crazy in the back, I started laughing right there. It felt like I was watching an episode of Scare Tactics. I was waiting for Tracy Morgan to hop out and say….YOU’RE ON SCARE TACTICS…then they crash and the credits roll. The ending of Yellowbrickroad was better.

    I am done FOREVER with the shaky camera bullshit. DONE. It has been done to death. STOP trying to pretend it’s 100% real footage. It’s fucking embarrassing to insult the intelligence of anyone about the age of 12. Just knock it off. You want to know the most amazing thing? It’s no secret, I never liked the Blair Witch Project. But do you know what? I’m beginning to gain a great appreciation for it. With every passing bullshit garbage cinema verite I subject myself to, I start to think, shit, BWP wasn’t that bad afterall.

    The Devil Inside is fucking garbage.


  • James Coker

    oh Uncle Creepy I definitly know what its like to get shit on for liking a horror film that everyone else loathes…I liked DeadClowns,ManThing,Jason Goes to Hell and the Black Christmas Remake. FUCK YOU ALL 🙂

    • Foywonder

      You, sir, just became my fourth segment. FEED HIM! FEED HIM!

  • theGoldenSimatar

    The Cinema Snob mentioned Dread Central in his review of the film

    The leadup is starts at 9:30

    • nonserviam03

      haha I love the Cinema Snob

    • Uncle Creepy

      Yay shot at Andrew Kasch! LOL

      • Sirand

        Hey, I never said “best vampire movie” ever! I said “scariest vampires” ever. Silly bitches!

  • Terminal

    I’ll pass. We rarely share the same opinions on movies and I’m more prone to believe the majority of critics who are outright slamming this film as one of the worst of 2012 so far. No thanks.

  • MouthForWar

    This is currently the only positive review on Rotten Tomatoes.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Actually, Variety liked it too and gave it a positive review. I’m really surprised by all the outright fury this movie is causing mainly stemming from its ending. Again, as I said it’s not perfect, but it delivers some fine chills and is ultra creepy.

      • Foywonder

        Congratulations, this is your Gingerdead Man. You’re going to be getting shit about this for a
        oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

        • nonserviam03

          I can’t wait for the next Dinner for Fiends

          • Genrewriter

            Same here. Even if they spend the rest of the show talking about what kind of bread makes the best toast, the discussion of this film alone will make it all worth every second.

        • Uncle Creepy

          Here’s the difference, at least the movie I thought was just pretty good, was liked by at least one other person on the planet Earth. One guy from Variety, some chick from Global Mail, Rick Florino from Artist Direct (who gave it an insane 4.5 out of 5), and Brian Collins from Horror Movie a Day, for sure! I’m in good company! Hence, you’re still all alone in your floating shitboat of disco inspired Gingerbread.

          And aside from Cloverfield and REC you HATE cinema verite films and only see them so that you can argue with me. That’s like your thing or something.

          All that being said …. embrace my balls like they’re floatation devices and your only means to stay afloat in the Caspian sea. Thanks! 😉

          • Foywonder

            Here we go again. A three paragraph response and you’re wrong in all three. Let me count the ways.

            1) I am not the only critic that gave the Gingerdead Man a positive review. If you’d like I can link you to more positive reviews for it than you can Devil Inside. It’s also not like Gingerdead Man was a theatrically released film that has been met with universal disdain from audiences all across the country and I was the first person on Rotten Tomatoes with a glowing review for it. Not the same. Not the same at all.

            2) This double delusion you keep fostering that I hate cinema verite movies and do just to argue with you. Yes. It’s all about you, isn’t it? We’ll just ignore the face that my five best horror movies of the year list includes TWO… TWO… TWO… found footage movies. Just ignore that one of those movies from the genre I hate so much made it onto my list TWO YEARS IN A ROW! Oh, but wait, I forgot that Cloverfield, the Rec movies, and TrollHunter don’t count because, you know, acknowledging all of these films appearing on my year’s best lists in the past completely destroys your meme. Those don’t count, right? I don’t hate found footage movies. I hate SHITTY found footage movies. You like SHITTY found footage movies. That is why I give you grief.

            3) Embrace your balls? How can I embrace that which I intend to bust? Oh, Dinner for Fiends cannot come soon enough. I haven’t even begun. Might as well go ahead and sew your mouth to my asshole because I am going to feed you! Though I don’t think that will be much of a punishment because if you think The Devil Inside is a good movie then you clearly already like the taste of shit. :)~

          • Uncle Creepy

            1. A 3.5 review is far from glowing, and I clearly stated the movie had its problems. I stand by that. Keep floating on that aforementioned disco inspired gingerbread raft. I see you’ve finally sailed your way to the sweet hate filled milk of the Denial Sea. We all have reviews that go against popular opinion or even sanity for that matter. I don’t care what anyone else’s opinion of the flick is, I dug it for what it was.

            2. Okay, so you liked THREE found footage movies instead of two. It’s not “always about me” (just most of the time) … but you do love ribbing me any chance you get. That’s cool. I like it. Maybe it’s that you don’t like movies about ghosts and shit. That’s one of my favorite subgenres.

            PS: My “meme” is fine and I shall continue to ignore “the face”.

            3. Oh, yes. This will be a good one. =D

          • Foywonder

            1) Denial Sea? Huh? Even I fully admit I went overboard giving it four knives but I still don’t have any problem admitting I liked it as a STUPID BAD MOVIE. You actually think The Devil Inside is a good movie. Humongous difference.

            2) You can’t even count. I just named four found footage flicks that have made my best list in recent years and you say I only like three. This is why you get ribbed. “Maybe it’s that you don’t like movies about ghosts and shit.” Accurate statement if you remove the words “ghosts and”.

            3) The Phantom Menace is about to be re-released so we can pause from the Devil Inside hate to give Fini more grief. See, we can agree on things.

            PS: “the face”?

          • Masked Slasher

            ^ I’ll be there in February. Opening night.

          • Foywonder

            And the third segment of my Human Centipede has been found. FEED HIM!

          • Masked Slasher

            Reading this little exchange had me in tears.

            Also, I’ll be going to see this thing on Tuesday after work … JUST for DFF.

          • thehorrorchick

            For the record, I gave it a somewhat positive review too but I do see why people are pissed though. I personally didn’t hate the abrupt ending (it’s found footage people, there’s no easy way to wrap up something “found”) but it did feel like we were missing a reel or something at the end, kind of like they ran out money to finish the story.

            Either way, it’s enough to get people to talk about horror (good or bad) and isn’t that the point? No one makes a movie to just get a “meh” reaction out of anyone…

  • nonserviam03

    this film was missing a third act. I mean… just as it was starting to get going and everything was starting to hit the fan and it looked like we were about to reach a climax… the credits roll.

    That, and the best moment in the movie was ruined since it was released online as a preview clip (baptism). Although… it worked better online, since there was no build up to it, making it more shocking. My friends said they saw it coming in the movie.

    This movie really disappointed me.

    • Uncle Creepy

      The ending is abrupt but I really dug everything that came before it.

      • nonserviam03

        I wanted to like it, but for me most of it just fell flat. The only things I really started to like were towards the end, like the girl getting possessed (didn’t expect the main character to get possessed). That, and a bunch of subplots just never went anywhere. What was the deal with the priest and his uncle? What about the pregnancy that she terminated? That never went anywhere. The red tape with the church never really became important. The mother just dropped off the face of the earth and never became important again.

        There were just all those threads that never got resolved.

        That, and I can’t really say the movie ever got creepy or scary in the least. Idk what it was, but the trailer was way scarier than the movie turned out to be.

  • James Coker

    hhmmm Im not into exorcist films too much creepy, is this one at least better then “the Last Exorcism”?…I already know its better then the turd that is Exorcism of Emily Rose

    • Uncle Creepy

      I liked The Last Exorcism a lot, but this one definitely has more horror bang for your buck!

      • Sirand

        What bang was that exactly? The website address they gave you at the end of the movie?

        • Uncle Creepy

          No, more exorcism/demonic action.

          • The Buz

            The bang must be that just so fucking terrifying nun shot. You know…the really important one.