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Gotas Short Film Review – Argento’s Suspiria Meets Aronofsky’s Black Swan



Starring Marina Romero, Ismael de las Heras, Patricia Arizmendi, Adrian López, Rocio Vela and Antonio Zancada

Directed by Sergio Morcillo

“The skin of your dear ones. The worst monsters are under those.”

As most of you know by now, I’m big into horror short films. I try to find any and all that I can and show them some love here on Dread Central. And today we have a special flick to recommend/review in the form of Sergio Morcillo’s Gotas.

Gotas for those who might not speak Spanish (like me) means “Drops.” So what kind of drops are we talking about here? I’ll never tell, but I think you can guess. Anyhow, Morcillo’s short film is a sight to behold. Morcillo keeps the camera moving and his style brought to mind the classic Dario Argento/Mario Bava Giallos in spades. Gotta love Giallos!

In fact, Gotas reminded me of a mixture of Argento’s Suspiria (all about the lighting) and Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. This makes sense considering the short’s plot follows a 16-year-old ballet dancer battling a demon following the accidental death of her parents.

To say much more would ruin the surprises and twists contained within the 14-minute film so I’ll leave the rundown at that. But again, the film oozes gorgeous style like no one’s business. I’m talking about long, lingering takes that had me checking all of the corners of the 2:35 framing and a killer long take that slowly reveals itself as a transition. Damn near masterful.

But the most impressive thing about the short is the use lighting. Bold lighting choices are a staple of Giallos, and Morcillo uses them to amazing effect here. You see, when the demon is approaching, not only will our lead heroine feel a biting pain deep in her guts, but the lights surrounding her will begin to flash red. It is a truly vivid choice on Morcillo’s part and it makes a big impression.

Add in a creepy as f*ck creature demon, shrieking, piercing sound design, a throbbing score, and a truly disturbing final reveal; and Morcillo’s Gotas is a short you need to seek out ASAP.

Speaking of which, Gotas is currently in distribution for festivals and inquiries can contact Until then you can follow the film on Facebook HERE.

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Sergio Morcillo’s Gotas is a gorgeous and terrifying trip into the hell of a damaged, preyed-upon mind. Think Dario Argento’s Suspiria meets Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan.




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