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Midnighters Review – Exceptional Performances Elevate This Taut Thriller



Starring Alex Essoe, Perla Haney-Jardine, Dylan McTee, Ward Horton

Written by Alston Ramsay

Directed by Julius Ramsay

One-location horror films can very much be a mixed bag. There are some that know how to squeeze every bit of tension and interest out of their surroundings while others falter and become stale. Luckily, Midnighters falls into the former category, resulting in a thriller that almost suffocates the viewers with every additional plot point.

The story is quite simple: Lindsey (Essoe) and Jeff (McTee), a couple going through a rough patch, are driving home after a New Year’s Eve party when they accidentally hit someone walking on the road. Realizing that they have both been drinking and thinking that the man is dead, they bring him to their home to figure out what to do. After inspecting the body, they find that he has their address in his wallet, meaning that he was purposefully coming to their home for some unknown reason. As the mystery begins unravelling to include Lindsey’s sister, Hannah (Haney-Jardine), a psychotic man comes into their home, bringing terror with him.

As far as story goes, Midnighters is exceptionally easy to follow. So easy, in fact, that many of the plot points can be accurately guessed in advance, leaving little to be surprised by. That being said, the story moves at such a brisk pace that you’re never too far ahead of the game, leaving for a satisfying conclusion where all the pieces come together.

What really makes Midnighters stand out are the exceptional performances throughout. Essoe shines as Lindsey, her unhappiness with her husband Jeff apparent yet restrained as she tries to keep control over the situation. Haney-Jardine is delightful as the sister who clearly has a rough-and-tumble history leading up to the events in the film. But it’s really Horton who astonishes as the psychotic yet undeniably charming “Detective Smith”. His sharklike grin oozes insincerity and he carries himself like a coiled spring, one waiting to unwind with brute force against anyone who crosses his path. It’s a delight watching him and Essoe go toe-to-toe.

Midnighters‘ story doesn’t impress but the way it’s brought to life is professional, engaging and exciting. This is certainly a film worth seeking out.

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Midnighters is a taut, tense thriller that is bolstered by the incredible performances of Essoe, Haney-Jardine, and Horton.

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