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Bad Match Review – An Attraction That’s Not Advertised in the App Description



bad match posters - Bad Match Review - An Attraction That's Not Advertised in the App Description

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Starring Jack Cutmore Scott, Lili Simmons, Noureen DeWulf

Directed by David Circhirillo

Internet dating takes yet another hit in David Chirchirillo’s Bad Match, and if this doesn’t send out one blaring beacon of a warning to all self-professed Lotharios who believe that their chance meeting will be anything but a sure thing, then I don’t know what will.

Starring Jack Cutmore Scott as Harris, one of your classic-textbook players who uses dating apps to score, and score heavily. His adeptness at swiping until he finds the right woman is the stuff of legend, and with this level of success on a playboy-scale, it appears as if he’ll never slow down, that is until he meets the sloe-eyed Riley (Simmons), a beautiful lady who takes this opportunity for connection to latch onto Harris like a stage-5 clinger. After their initial hook-up, Riley just cannot seem to accept the notion that her new beau is a “one-and-done” kind of fella, and she makes no bones about her displeasure. Incessant calls and texts, spur-of-the-moment drop-ins at his apartment, and even going so far as to attempt taking her own life – this little lady’s got it bad for this smooth operator, and her unwillingness to break this attachment is solid.

Now if I were to get into any more details, I’d be labeled a “spoiler-spiller” and I just can’t have that, especially not this close to the holiday season as to where it could impact a potential windfall from Santa, but let me assure you that the instances of lunacy do not stop short. Chirchirillo takes what looks like a simple stalker-flick and adds some twists and turns that keep the plot extremely fresh and stimulating. Both headlining performances from Scott and Simmons are commendable, and there’s an ample supply of some laughs, just in case you were worried about things getting too light. While Bad Match won’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to the relationship-gone-wrong subject, it’s a damn nice way to break up the stagnancy – well worth the watch.

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Chirchirillo taps into what makes the male species cringe, and this one’s sure to sway any budding Romeo into changing their ways.

User Rating 3.2 (20 votes)




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