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MAYHEM 10 - Samara Weaving Gives Us A Look At Mayhem!


Samara Weaving Gives Us A Look At Mayhem!

Recently we here at Dread Central had the opportunity of grabbing a few minutes with Samara Weaving, who alongside Steven Yeun attempts to take down the corporate bigwigs in Joe Lynch’s Mayhem (review). While she was scrambling to get to her hotel room, she was gracious enough to answer some questions about the film, as well as let us know what she’s up to next – read on and enjoy!

DC: Samara – can you give us a description about the film’s premise as well as tell us about your character, Melanie?

SW: The movie is set in a world where there is this virus, which is deadly but very much containable – there is an antiserum which makes the effects reversible, and Steven Yeun plays a character named Derek who is a bit of a disgruntled guy who works in an office building. Well, the virus hits the law firm he’s working in at the time, but because they’re a law firm, they come up with this liability clause that says no one is liable for whatever action they may commit while under the influence of the virus while infected. It allows for so much violence and craziness for all the characters involved, and my character is a woman who comes into the law firm looking for assistance and ends up helping Derek in his fight.

MAYHEM 7 - Samara Weaving Gives Us A Look At Mayhem!

DC: Pretty physical shoot, wasn’t it? I can imagine more than a few bumps and bruises for you!

SW: Oh yeah – of course! But that’s half the fun! (laughs)

DC: In an interview I had with director Joe Lynch a week ago, he was raving about your performance, and how you and Steven had such great chemistry on-screen – how was it working with him?

SW: Oh, it was fantastic! We really hit it off right off the bat, and he’s such a wonderful actor and really a kind man to work alongside, so I was very fortunate.

DC: What provided the most difficulty for you during filming?

SW: There was this scene where there was a sort-of showdown between Steven and myself against the office “gangsters” for lack of a better term – it was very technical with all the blocking and stunts to make it look as authentic as possible, but all the time trying to keep everyone safe, so I think that scene took the longest. Other than that, Joe (Lynch) was so nice to work with, and he just pushed us to have fun, and as long as we were telling the truth of the story, he allowed us to make our own choices and decisions. It was a really lovely freedom to have as an actor.

Mayhem 2 frightfest2017 - Samara Weaving Gives Us A Look At Mayhem!

DC: Last one – after the release of Mayhem, what’s going to be keeping you busy in the near future?

SW: Well, there’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, which is out already, and there’s a film that I did called Bad Girl – it was filmed in Australia and that’s also out right now. There’s “SMILF” which is airing on Sundays on Showtime, and there’s a miniseries that I’m in that Amazon just picked up, and that’s called Picnic at Hanging Rock, and it will be airing later this year – it’s been a very lucky year for me!

RLJE Films will release the action/horror film Mayhem on DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra High-Definition 4K/Blu-ray combo on December 26, 2017.

mayhem 4k - Samara Weaving Gives Us A Look At Mayhem!


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