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She Came From the Woods Short Film Review – Ruining Camping Experiences for Years to Come!



Starring Justin Andrew Davis, Ehad Berisha, Peyton Michelle Edwards

Directed by Erik C. and Carson Bloomquist

Ah, those funny little scary tales that counselors love to tell each other at summer camp – all in the hopes of freaking the cream cheese out of the more gullible employees…wait, they are just stories, aren’t they?

She Came From the Woods, the latest short film from the Bloomquist brothers, finds us huddled around a campfire with a small contingent of camp workers, when one begins rambling on about a local witch (Esther, specifically by name) and her preferred method of woodsy-medical practices. She’s a vengeful crone, and the word is that if you even so much as dare to shed a little blood and utter her name, she’ll be gunning for your soul…so why the hell not tempt fate and do exactly that?

Our counselors’ combined boredom and lack of intelligence lead them down a dark path where they’ll have to come face-to-face with the hag they’ve summoned, and I’ve got to tell you that it’s quite the sight to see.

Looking like a bit of a Blair Witch tribute (minus the wretched POV camera work), this short has the look and feel of a big-budget production – the deaths are decent, the acting is passable, and the overall presentation is one that the Bloomquists should be proud of. Is it groundbreaking? No. Is it a seriously fun way to murder 11 minutes? Hell yes!

Do yourselves a favor and give this one a look when it shows up past your campfire flames – well worth the watch.

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This quickie has the look and feel of a large production, and one thing’s for sure: It’ll keep my ass away from the campfire for the rest of my life.

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