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Night People (Short, 2017)



Starring John Kassir, Malcolm Danare, Cig Neutron

Directed by Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst

Drive by any late-night diner in any city or town across this country, and more than surely you’ll see them: the after-hours crew that roots themselves in the booths of these run-down greasy spoons to sip coffee and relate. Night People, the latest short film from co-directors Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst takes us inside one of these 24-hour donut shops to check in on a couple of pals discussing their demons, and what should be done with them.

Starring Malcolm Danare (Christine) and John Kassir (“Tales From The Crypt’s” Cryptkeeper) as two buddies innocently chatting it up amidst the bright indoor lighting as well as the ever-glow neon outside (although this short is shot in b&w). Cig Neutron, the makeup wizard from SyFy’s “Face Off,” plays a very interested worker as the conversation grows from the simple taste of coffee to something more troubling – one of our witching hour customers is feeling a bit under the weather, and it becomes painfully obvious that this is no ordinary after-hours java and bearclaw banter.

Infused with some humor and a lot of hair, this 8-minute quickie is perfect for your Halloween viewing, and will more than likely have you questioning just who sits in the seats when the rest of the “normal” folks are home safely tucked into bed. Seriously fun all-around – make sure to give this one a look when it opens its doors to the viewing audience on October 16th…and if it’s not too much trouble, could someone pick me up a couple of glazed if you’ve got the dough? I’ll gladly pay ya back.

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