Quiet Zone, The (Short, 2017)

Starring Jessica Bayly, Kasey Iliana Sfetsios

Directed by Andrew Ionides

A woman heading home from work on a deserted railway car encounters one of those souls who couldn’t keep quiet if their life depended on it – trouble is, it’s the woman’s life that is in distress. Buckle up and zip your lips, because we’re about to enter The Quiet Zone.

Directed by Andrew Ionides, this short film takes place on a later-than-late night rail car, and a woman (Bayly) is volleying beck and forth between texts with her boyfriend and the labors of her job, when she hears another passenger whistling without a care in the world a few rows up. Problem is that this car is a quiet-zone, and the woman is only too happy to inform the other passenger to keep their mouth shut…yep, big mistake. This 8 minute quickie is a fun little reminder about keeping one’s own mouth locked up, simply for the fact that you never know who you might me attempting to silence – creepy, dream-like and possibly a nice deterrent against hopping on the late-night shuttle back home – make sure to give this one a peek when it comes around.

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