Against The Night (2017)

Against the NightStarring Frank Whaley, Hannah Kleeman, Tim Torre

Directed by Brian Cavallaro

I figured that I’d been on a fairly decent run of “so-so” films that there was at least a bit of distance between the last turd I’d viewed and now…until NOW that is – YEESH. Slap on your splatter-guards, students – we’ve got a bomb to defuse and I don’t feel like mopping up any mess – welcome to Against The Night.

With a premise that’s as bled out as an old shirt having been run through the wash a thousand times over, this uninspired calamity focuses on a bunch of boozed-up, dudes, bros and chicks on the collegiate level that tag along with a knit-cap clad douche of a “director” who has offered up $200 bucks a head for those willing to accompany him into a supposedly haunted prison for a ghost-hunting expedition. Let me preface this utter bashing by stating that these characters aren’t remotely likable on any conceivable level, and it was like watching sand pass through the hourglass waiting for these meat-slabs to get their comeuppance…a really long watch of those sands, I might add. As the movie slags along, this faux-collection of ghost hunters begin a very color-by-numbers scheme of investigating the building in broken-off pairs, then getting systematically slaughtered by an entity that…you guessed it, remains unseen by the camera for the most part – haven’t we been down this path before, repeatedly?

I’d love to say that this movie offers something initially different to those who decide to check it out, but I couldn’t scrub up one thing from this presentation, whether it was the completely flavorless characters, insipid plot or lack of scares – oh yeah, then there’s the trembling, shaking, puke-inducing camera work that’ll eventually have you placing your head down between your knees to help you gain a little balance. While one of my reviews would normally contain a little bit more along the lines of descriptive incidents and overly verbose framework, I could simply ask that you all rent virtually ANY “haunted hospital/school/prison/asylum” film and I’d bet solid gold that you’ll see damn near the same thing that your eyes would take in with this movie.

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