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Bad Exorcists (2017)



Starring Sean Roney, Alex Knapp, Julian Master

Directed by Kyle Steinbach

Acting as an appreciative send-up of horror films, Bad Exorcists does manage to provide a generous dose of laughs and goofy moments – not too bad for a budding filmmaker, and a project that’s been languishing since 2015, so step on in and let’s grab our bibles and rosary beads (strictly for protection purposes only).

The film’s premise is as simple as it is inane (for all good reasons): three high school buds are trying their hardest to gain entry into a horror film festival, and their plan is to create an exorcism flick. Their dialogue is dopey and completely beneficial to forming the tight inner circle that keeps them trucking along. So, the fellas plan is to employ the use of a book containing the rights to an exorcism, then conjuring up a hellacious demon that subsequently possesses one of the hottest girls in school, and if that’s not enough trouble, one of the guys was just starting to get the googly-eyes for the lass. As the movie moves along and the young lady begins to exhibit more symptoms of Beelzebub’s inner-invasion, all three of the guys start to fracture in different pathways – one wants to destroy the demon, while another remains focused on winning the film festival, and the third…well, he just wants to be left alone.

Now while this might not sit atop the list of some of the funniest horror-comedies of all time, it still manages to wrangle up some genuinely funny moments, and the interaction between the three male leads is just one small piece to this puzzle. With a Kickstarter backing that began in 2015 (seems so long ago), the movie’s been hanging in thin air for some time, and luckily it’s getting the chance to breathe the fresh oxygen once again – as I mentioned earlier, it might not give Linda Blair, Max Von Sydow and Pazuzu a run for their dough, but it’s a nice way to ward off Ol’ Scratch when he comes-a-knockin on that basement door – give this one a look when it becomes available.

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