Three Skeleton Key (Short, 2017)

Starring Dan White, Robert Fleet, Paul Rae

Directed by Andrew Hamer

Whether it be riptides, hungry sharks or a floating plague adrift in the ocean, every time I manage to see one of these films that involves the sea, it simply reinforces my decision to keep the hell out of the big blue. Andrew Hamer’s short film, Three Skeleton Key only adds to the paranoia complex, but hey, there’s a quickie to review so let’s get to it.

The 10-minute presentation takes place inside a lighthouse where a small crew is monitoring a ship that appears to be ignoring their proximity warnings. Soon afterwards the vessel runs aground on a small reef near the island where the lighthouse sits, and what exits the ship and heads towards the frightened crew is definitely the stuff that would make anyone question their love for the salt-water.

The film flows smoothly and the performances are satisfactory, but it’s the end scene that makes this presentation stand out – talk about hairs on the back of your neck! The film was based on the short story by George G. Toudouze and is well worth a look when it becomes available – recommended for sure.

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