Life After Sundown (CD)

Ghoultown Life After SundownPerformed by Ghoultown

Released by Zoviet Records

Ghoultown has been haunting the clubs and bars of Dallas for 13 years now, and their latest full-length disc, Life After Sundown, shows why.

Ghoultown plays a very unique blend of western, hard rock, and psychobilly paired with dark, horror-themed lyrical imagery. Just imagine if Marty Robbins came back from the dead and cut a record with Rob Zombie’s band.

Life After Sundown is their strongest effort to date. From barn burners like ‘Dead Outlaw’ and ‘Werewolves on Wheels’ to more traditional western tunes like ‘Train to Nowhere’, there’s really not a weak song on the record.

The highlight for me is ‘Drink With the Living Dead’. This is a traditional western story song, much like those sung by the aforementioned Robbins during his heyday. The tale of a hard-drinking cowboy and his run-in with the very undead Stanton Cree one night at the Thirsty Devil saloon, our hero is forced to match Cree drink for drink or else draw against him to the death. Knowing he can’t beat a dead man at a shooting match, the cowboy opts to belly up to the bar and take his life into his hands one shot at a time. It’s a thrilling tale set to great music, and just a great deal of fun.

If there’s a misstep at all, it’s the cover of The Misfits’ ‘London Dungeon’. The song and lyrics just don’t fit Ghoultown’s style very well. It’s not bad; it just doesn’t fit in.

From the badass Dan Brereton cover art to the haunting title track that closes the album, this is an excellent and unique trip through a section of horror seemingly forgotten by the masses. As for me, you’ll find me jamming out to Ghoultown…under the phantom moon…

4 out of 5

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