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Justice Served (2017)



Justice Served

Justice ServedStarring Chase Coleman, Marvin Young, Lance Henriksen

Directed by Marvin Young

If you had the opportunity to get some serious revenge on someone that had done you wrong, would you take the chance at vindication? How about if someone in your family had been victimized? Would the stakes change for you knowing you could get away with it, or would your moral compass point towards the high road and spare a life? The very interesting question is posed in Marvin Young’s thriller, Justice Served – let’s lock ourselves in and cut this one open, shall we?

The man who calls himself “Young MC” has taken on the role of director, far removed from his rap-days back in the late-80s (although he still tours to this day), and his maiden voyage into celluloid-riddled waters to swim with the big fish turned out a lot better than I’d originally expected. The film’s premise is fairly simple: victim’s families are presented with the outrageous idea of being able to exact their revenge upon the person who committed the crime against their loved ones. In this particular instance, the “convicted” is strapped to an electric chair, and said family member is only a finger’s push away from the big red button – little zap, big zap – it’s all in the possession of the retributor. Lance Henriksen plays one of the accused (as well as Young himself), and both offer up some pretty solid performances to boot. The ideology of “am I any better than the person I hold the power over” is a strong commentary – the movie itself can arouse a myriad of debates on the capital punishment argument, and Young works it to a chilling example.

If you’re looking for some outlandish, over-the-top scenes in this presentation, I’m sorry to tell you that you’ll be a bit disappointed, although there are more than a few white-knuckled scenes to feed the inner beast in all of us that craves a little payback. The film’s strength is in its performances, simply due to the notion that the premise is WAY off the charts, but don’t let that hinder your decision to check this one out. Young is not only capable in front of the camera as a character, but he’s off the starting blocks as a director with a film that should act as a nice point of origin for a career that has a renewed sense of creativity and promise. Make sure to give this one a look when it crosses your path…because let’s face it, deep down I think we’d all like to have our finger on the button at some point in our lives, wouldn’t we?

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