Dream Home (2011)

Dream Home (2011)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Josie Ho, Michelle Ye, Eason Chan, Norman Chu

Directed by Ho-Cheung Pang

Just when I think I’m officially done with Asian horror movies, along comes another film that reels me back in. Next up on the import pallet? IFC Midnight’s release of Ho-Cheung Pang’s ultra-violent psycho-chick epic Dream Home, known in its native land as Wai dor lei ah yut ho.

In light of recent worldwide economic problems, this flick has a lot to say and hits home in any language. There’s hardly anything worse in this world than losing your property. A place you truly love. The people who live around you that you’ve bonded with. Cheng Li-sheung (a white hot and fearless Josie Ho) is about to buy her first digs. A place all of her own. Unfortunately for her the housing market crisis kicks in, and her deal falls painfully through. But Cheng? She’s a real go-getter who doesn’t take no for an answer. As a result we’re treated to what amounts to a river of brutal violence that even the most jaded of horror fans will have a hard time rafting down without looking away at least once or twice.

Despite all of the truly graphic scenes of extreme mayhem and murder, of which there are many jaw-dropping moments, the film is also gorgeous to look at. Every shot is well crafted and at times beautifully composed. Seriously, this some of the best cinematography I’ve seen in quite some time. Pang’s direction is spot on, and he and his star, Ho, do everything in their power to involve you, repulse you, and still leave you wanting more.

Gorehounds should be paying close attention here as if I haven’t been clear enough, even the most innocuous of atrocities – like plastic bag suffocation – are portrayed in the most graphic manner possible with sets of circumstances that will have you scratching your head in awe. You’ll be in equal parts amused in a “HOLY SHIT” kind of way and completely shocked and thinking to yourself, “That is so very wrong”. This is the good stuff, folks. Chew it slowly.

The only downside to be found consists of a couple of pacing issues, but they hardly detract from the maniacal fun to be had with Dream Home. Lock your doors. Bar your windows. Be very leery of who moves in next. Especially innocent and unassuming chicks with a penchant for using vacuums in truly unholy ways.

Get your down payment ready for a bloody good time!

4 out of 5

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